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Academic Year 2013-2014

  • Welcome to our newest member—postdoc extraordinaire Genny Kozak!
  • Congratulations to Crista Wadsworth on her first-first authored paper in Journal of Evolutionary Biology
  • Congratulations to Jessie and Becca on their awesome rotation talks
  • Let's hear it for Summer Scholar, Shoshanna Kahne!
  • Our work on ECB speciation got NSF's attention—a four year grant to study temporal isolation
  • Hooray Nooria! A Rosemary Grant award from SSE and TAG award from Tufts!
  • Congratulations to Crista Wadsworth on her NSF Fellowship—way to go!
  • Welcome to Gabriel Golczer, Becca Levy, and Jessie Martin, newest grad students to the lav
  • Our ECB genomics work gets funded by USDA!
  • Congratulations to Xinnan Li on her Summer Scholar work and acceptance to Cornell's graduate program
  • Congratulations to Jessica Walden on her NSF Fellowship
  • Thanks to Roxana Khozein, REU student and senior at Trinity University, for her awesome REU research on PDD variation
  • Max Leiserson is headed to Brown University for graduate school—stay in touch!
  • Excellent work Jessica Oh for your Summer Scholar research & Senior Thesis! Good luck in med school!