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Faculty & Research

Susan G. Ernst
Developmental Biology


Ernst, Susan G. (2011). Offerings from an Urchin. Developmental Biology 358: 285-294. [pdf]

Lincoln, K., Dimos, J. and Ernst, S.G.  Endo16 is assembled into large molecular weight complexes by a TGase active throughout sea urchin gastrulation.  Manuscript in preparation.

Ega�a, A.L., Boyle, J.A. and Ernst, S .G.  Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis Oocytes Maintain a Microtubule Organizing Center throughout Oogenesis:  Implications for the Origin of Cell Polarity in Sea Urchin Eggs.   Molecular Reproduction and Development.  2007 74: 76-87 [pdf]

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Ransick, A., Ernst, S.G., Britten, R., and Davidson, E. Whole mount in situ hybridization shows Endo16 to be a marker for the vegetal plate territory in sea urchin embryos.  Mech. of Dev. (1993) 42: 117-124. [pdf]

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