There are two search modes offered; easy search and full search. Easy search offers topic, author, place and cited reference searches. The Full search supports all of the quick search features, plus Boolean searching, truncation, and other methods for refining and limiting searches. The Search Features section describes these additional strategies.
1. Click on appropriate general search area.

2. Choose either topic, person, or place.

Topic Search: Combine words or phrases using AND or OR

Person Search: Enter the person's last name first, then first and middle (if known) initials.
Example SMITH AB

Place Search
: search for research institutions, colleges, universities, company, etc.; or geographic place, such as country, city postal code, etc.

1. Select one of the citation indexes.

2. Choose either this week's update, all years, last two or four weeks, or select a particular year.

3. Choose either a General Search or Cited Reference Search.
General Search
1. Enter combinations of topic(s), author(s), source title(s), or address(es). Follow Boolean, Truncation/Wildcard, and/or Proximity instructions as explained in Search Features to construct the search.

2. Limit or restrict search by language or document types by choosing from menus at bottom of search screen.

3. Sort results by date, relevance, or author by choosing from menu at bottom of screen.

4. Search results will be displayed on the General Search Results Summary screen.
  • To view a full record, click on the hot-linked (underlined) title.
  • To select or mark particular records, click on the boxes next to the results, then click on the Submit or Mark All records button near the top of the General Search Results Summary screen.
  • To display the marked records, click on the Marked Records button at the top of the General Search Results Summary screen.
5. While in a full record:
  • Click on Cited References to display a list of references.
  • Click on Times Cited to display a list of all citing papers from all years and all databases.
  • Click on Related Records to display a ranked list of articles that cite one or more of the same papers cited by the parent article.
Cited Reference Search
1. Enter the name of the cited author and/or the abbreviated name of the cited journal or book.

2. Refine the search by entering the year of the cited reference (if known).

3. Click Lookup button to perform search.

4. Select appropriate selections by clicking in the boxes and then clicking on Search, this will display the Cited Reference Search Results Summary screen.

5. View the full record by clicking on the hot-linked (underlined) title.
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