Below are the search features and instructions for retrieving results in Web of Science.
Truncation and Wildcard Symbols:
Truncation * Retrieves variants of words neur* neurology, neurological, neuralgia, etc.
Wildcard ? Retrieves a single character wom?n women, woman, womyn
Boolean Operators:
AND All search terms must occur to be retrieved Clinton AND Gore Both Clinton and Gore
OR Any one of the search terms must occur to be retrieved bioethics OR ethics Bioethics or ethics
NOT Excludes records that contain a given search term Clinton NOT Gore Clinton, excluding Gore
Proximity Operators:
PHRASE SEARCHING Retrieves records that contain the adjacent terms in the same order genetic variation
SAME/SENT Terms must occur within the same sentence, in any order. Using either operator will achieve same results genetic SAME variation
Retrieving Citations:

  • Results or marked records can be e-mailed using Netscape mail.

  • See Help for additional information on saving a query.
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