• The opening screen allows you to choose between searching across broad subject areas or searching a particular database.
  • First Search also provides Basic, Advanced, and Expert Search modes.

  • -The Basic search screen provides keyword, author, and title searching within a particular database.

    -The Advanced search screen allows you to search a variety of concepts, choosing between various limiters and search methods, as well as combining terms, limiting by year, publication type, language, etc.

    -The Expert searching requires the use of boolean searching, wildcard, truncation or proximity operators.

  • In advanced search you can also choose to browse a keyword index.
  • Material of similar content can be retrieved by following the subject and author links.
  • In BasicBIOSIS, you may also search by author name, title words, journal name (i.e. "source"), chemical substance, taxa, and a variety of other parts of the record.
  • Limit your search by using the Limit Search button, found when you are looking at a list of results. If you choose the advanced search mode, you will be able to limit when you input your search and at the results screen. Categories to limit may vary according to database.
  • In BasicBIOSIS, you can limit year, type (human studies or not), language, and division (abstract or not).
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