Biological Abstracts covers biological and biomedical research, agriculture, biochemistry, bioengineering, biophysics, biotechnology, botany, ecology, environmental sciences, microbiology, pharmacology, veterinary medicine and zoology. It is international in scope.
Electronic coverage from 1991 - present.
Print coverage (Tisch Reference Indexes [SCI] QH301.B37) from 1926 - present.

 1. From the Tisch Library homepage, click on Research Tools, then  Electronic Resources: A-Z.
 2. Choose "B" for Biological Abstracts.

 1. Click on SmarTerm icon on the top of the screen and select Ovid.
 2. At the Tufts Ovid databases screen, choose "General Access".
 3. On the next screen type in your Tufts ID, (without hyphens).
 4. At the "Systems News " screen, press return to see the list of databases  and arrow down to choose Biological Abstracts.
 1. Go to the Tisch Library homepage  (
 2. Click on Research Tools, then Electronic Resources: A-Z.
 3. Choose "B" for Biological Abstracts.
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