Below are search features and instructions for retrieving results in Biological Abstracts.
Truncation and Wildcard Symbols:
$, :
Retrieves all possible suffix variations diseas$ disease, diseased, diseases, etc.
Limited Truncation:
Specifies the maximum number characters to be retrieved dog$1 dog and dogs, not dogma
Wildcard: # Retrieves a single character wom#n women and woman
Wildcard: ? Retrieves one or no character colo?r color or colour
Boolean Operators:
AND All search terms must occur to be retrieved Clinton AND Gore Both Clinton and Gore
OR Any one of the search terms must occur to be retrieved bioethics OR ethics Bioethics or ethics
NOT Excludes records that contain a given search term Clinton NOT Gore Clinton, excluding Gore
ADJ Two or more words will automatically be searched adjacent to each other blood ADJ pressure Blood pressure, not pressure of blood
ADJn Retrieves two or more search terms within a certain number of specified words and in any order biotechnology ADJ5 engineering Biotechnology and engineering within 5 words of each other
Retrieving Citations:

  • From the Citation Manager screen (results screen) you can mark, sort, save, or email records.
  • From the Citation Manager, you can choose from several display formats.
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