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Two locations:

Tufts University
Department of Biology
Robinson Hall
200 College Ave.
Medford, MA 02155
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Tufts University
Department of Biology
200 Boston Ave.
Medford, MA 02155
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Office: 617.627.3195
Fax: 617.627.3805
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Biology Department


Contemporary biology is built on understanding life at the molecular, cellular, organismal, population and community levels. The Tufts Department of Biology is dedicated to providing a unified and comprehensive view of biological processes for our students.

The distribution requirements for undergraduate biology majors include laboratory, lecture, and seminar courses across diverse levels of biological organization. Students learn scientific problem-solving methods and the essential skills of reading and evaluating original research literature, and of communicating their research results.

Tufts Biology department also provides numerous opportunities for undergraduates to actively participate in cutting-edge biological research in molecular biology, cell biology, genetics, physiology, plant ecology, animal behavior, and conservation biology.


Open position:
- Full-time Lecturer in Biology
(Non-tenure track)

Please welcome Dr. Erik Hoel, Research Assistant Professor at Allen Discovery Center.

Congratulations to Biology Ph.D. candidate Charles van Rees, who won 'Best Paper' at the 2018 Conference of The Waterbird Society.

Congratulations to Ph.D. candidate Avalon Owens, who won the Founders Memorial Award for the best student or postdoc paper at the 2018 Animal Behavior Society Meeting held in Madison, Wisconsin.

Congratulations to Dr. Michael Romero, who received a Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics & Engineering Mentoring, on June 25, 2018.

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