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Undergraduate Program

History of Art and Architecture Major

For the bachelor of arts degree in the History of Art and Architecture, ten courses (minimum of 30 semester hours units) are required for the major:

  • two introductory art history courses
  • FAH 100
  • Seven additional courses in the History of Art and Architecture, one of which maybe in an approved course in a related field (e.g. history, literature, studio art). A score of 4/5 on the Art History AP exam qualifies a major to take a second related field course instead of just one. Also, at least one of the courses in the major must be taken as an upper-level seminar (FAH 0198-xx).

The major in the History of Art and Architecture works to provide students with a critical and globally informed understanding of the history of art and visual culture. Understanding the sources, aesthetics, and significance of images that people use to communicate — whether in the confined world of art or beyond — is crucial for anyone wanting to play an active part in society. In the major, students learn how to look at and write about works of art as well as exploring the historical and transcultural contexts in which visual works emerge and operate allowing them to immerse themselves in questions of politics, identity, religion, economics, mobility, communication, and many other issues. All majors are required to take two courses that introduce broad fields and provide foundational training in the discipline. We strongly recommend that students take these classes early in their course of study, as they allow students to acquaint themselves with different fields and periods and with different faculty. The two introductory courses are designed as a springboard to the more specialized upper level (list available on department website). As with all humanistic disciplines, art history is underpinned by certain theories and methods; these are at work in each and every course, but they are the focus of FAH 100, Theories and Methods of Art History, also a required class for majors, normally taken in the senior year.

For inquiries about the History of Art and Architecture Major, please contact the Undergraduate Advisor, Assistant Professor Jacob Stewart-Halevy.