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Undergraduate Program

Our undergraduate program aims to provide students with a critical and globally informed understanding of the history of art and visual culture. Understanding the sources, aesthetics, and significance of images that people use to communicate — whether in the confined world of art or beyond — is crucial for anyone wanting to play an active part in society.

Students taking art history classes can expect to learn how to look at and write about works of art. Yet they will also learn about the historical and transcultural contexts in which visual works emerge and operate. Thus, students taking classes in art history will find themselves immersed in questions of politics, identity, religion, economics, mobility, communication, and many other exiting issues.

Museum and Careers

A special attraction is Tufts' affiliation with Boston's renowned Museum of Fine Arts. Tufts students get free admittance to the Museum and can take studio art courses taught at the SMFA. Beyond courses at Tufts, art history majors have access to many other artistic resources of the Boston area, such as the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, the Institute of Contemporary Art, and the art museums at Harvard, MIT, Wellesley, Brandeis, etc. Internship opportunities at these and other sites are available.

Students majoring in art history and architectural studies usually go on to graduate programs and/or use their skills developed in the Department as a base to pursue a career in museums, galleries, architecture, design, media, teaching, publishing, etc.). Please see the Undergraduate Handbook for other art history career options.

Transfer of Credit Reps

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