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Graduate Program

Graduate program documents:
M.A. Handbook (pdf)

Our graduate program is a highly ranked terminal MA program which offers two tracks: one in art history and the other in art history and museum studies. Both tracks are designed to provide the necessary qualification to pursue a career in the arts which include museums, arts education, historic preservation, consulting, auction houses, galleries, art magazines and more.

Why pursue a Master's in Art History?

While the prospect of two more years of school may be daunting, you should think of an M.A. as a worthwhile investment in a rewarding lifetime career. Jobs in the art world may not be as well remunerated as other professions, but they offer very high job satisfaction. Art itself is life-enhancing and the art world attracts creative and interesting people. Besides, we live in a "credentialed" society. To become a doctor or lawyer you need to go to medical or law school. An MBA will boost opportunities in the business world. A Master's degree is becoming increasingly advantageous, if not essential, for art world professionals.

Why Tufts?

Tufts is named among the top 15 MA in Art History programs.
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Location, world-class faculty, individual attention – these are among the many reasons why Tufts offers a superior, financially competitive Master's program (see tuition). Our M.A. students are our highest priority and enjoy close working relationships with faculty. Because Tufts only offers an M.A., students receive more faculty attention than they would at universities that also offer a Ph.D. Not the least because of these conditions our graduates have a strong record of placement in jobs and top doctoral programs.