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Courses and Syllabi

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Current Course Offerings

Course # Course Title Faculty
FAH 0001-01 Introduction to World Art I Cristelle Baskins
FAH 0004-01 Arts of Africa Peter Probst
FAH 0013-01 The Arts of China Ikumi Kaminishi
FAH 0025-01/0125-01 Medieval Architecture Karen Overbey
FAH 0028-01/0128-01 Medieval Art of the Mediterranean Eva Hoffman
FAH 0086-01/0186-01 Latinx Presence in Art and Culture Adriana Zavala
FAH 0092-01/0192-01 Contemporary art - Narrating Now Emily Gephardt
FAH 0100-01 Theories & Methods of Art History Ikumi Kaminishi
FAH 0101-01 Historiography & Methodology Eric Rosenberg
FAH 0120-01 Armenian Art, Arch. Politics Christina Maranci
FAH 0160-01 Museum History and Theory Andrew McClellan
FAH 0220-01/0198-02 Seminar: Medieval Art Karen Overbey
FAH 0230-01/0198-01 Seminar: Art of Travel Cristelle Baskins
FAH 0275-01/0198-03 Seminar: Art and Exchange Across Cultures Eva Hoffman
FAH 0284-01 Curatorial Approaches Courtney
FAH 0285-01 Museums Today: Missions and Function Robinson/Iacobucci