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Undergraduate Program

Minor in Cultural Anthropology

Advisor: Senior Lecturer Cathy Stanton

The Minor in Cultural Anthropology provides a basic understanding of social and cultural dynamics of human societies, cultural anthropological theory, and ethnographic research methods. Coursework introduces students to foundational concepts, which may include anthropological approaches to culture, social organization, power structures, media, religion, ritual, health, kinship, sexuality, gender, race, class, and other aspects of human experience and social life.

Requirements (five courses and at least 15 SHUs):

  1. One (1) gateway course in cultural anthropology (courses designated by the department in range of ANTH 10-ANTH 39)
  2. ANTH 130, Anthropological Thought
  3. ANTH 161, Fieldwork Lab (or another methods course designated by the department)
  4. Two (2) additional courses in cultural anthropology (designated by the department)

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