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Faculty & Staff

Core Faculty
Amahl Bishara, Chair; Associate Professor
Media; human rights; the state; the Middle East; journalism; democracy; the politics of place; knowledge production; expressivity
Alex Blanchette, Associate Professor
Labor, political ecology, green capitalism; biotechnology, animals; de-industrialization; food politics, industrial agriculture; United States
Tatiana Chudakova, Assistant Professor
Medical anthropology; science and technology; environment; ethnicity and indigeneity; nationalism; post-socialism. Geographical focus: Russia; North Asia
Lara Durgavich, Lecturer
Biological anthropology; primate life history and reproduction; reproductive physiology; evolutionary medicine; science communication
Sharon Kivenko, Lecturer
Performance and embodiment; migration; resistance; labor; ritual. Geographical focus: West Africa, United States
Sarah LeBaron von Baeyer, Lecturer
Cultural anthropology; transnational migration; diaspora; race and ethnicity; gender; applied anthropology. Geographical focus: Japan, Brazil
Sarah Luna, The Kathryn A. McCarthy, J45, AG46, Assistant Professor in Women's Studies
Sex work; migration; gender and sexuality; race and ethnicity; borders; Mexico; United States
Zarin Machanda, Usen Family Career Development Assistant Professor — *On leave, Fall 2020
Biological anthropology; primatology; chimpanzee behavioral ecology; primate life history and development; the evolution of social relationships; the ecology of male-female relationships
Harsha Menon, Lecturer
Buddhist studies; film and media studies; gender and sexuality; multimodal anthropology; post-coloniality; social practice; transnational feminisms
Sarah Pinto, Professor — *On leave, AY 2020-2021
Medical anthropology; gender; mental health; reproduction; cultures of biomedicine; kinship; global feminism; history of the body. Geographical focus: India
Nick Seaver, Assistant Professor
Computing and algorithms; sound and music; knowledge and attention; taste and classification; media technologies; science and technology studies
Cathy Stanton, Senior Lecturer
Tourism; museums; myth and ritual; cultural performance; culture-led redevelopment; mobilities; farm history/heritage
Lauren A. Sullivan, Lecturer
Mesoamerican Archaeology; Mayan archaeology; the rise & fall of complex societies; prehistory of the American Southwest; Paleoindians of North America; human evolution; cultural anthropology; ceramic analysis

Faculty Emeritus
Stephen Bailey, Associate Professor Emeritus
Biological and nutritional anthropology; growth and body composition; methodology; Latin America, China, Southwest US
David Guss, Professor Emeritus
Urban and aesthetic anthropology; placemaking; theory; cultural performance; myth and ritual; popular culture; Latin America
Deborah Pacini Hernandez, Professor Emerita, Anthropology and American Studies
Comparative Latino Studies; racial and ethnic identity; popular music; globalization; transnationalism; Latino community studies
Rosalind Shaw, Associate Professor of Anthropology Emerita
Violence, memory, and futurity; the anthropology of post-conflict; children and youth; transitional justice; West Africa; Sierra Leone

Lynn Wiles, Department Administrator
310 Eaton Hall  |  Office: 617.627.3563
Jamie Gorman, Staff Assistant
302 Eaton Hall  |  Office: 617.627.6528