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Faculty & Staff

Core Faculty
Amahl Bishara, Chair; Associate Professor
Media, human rights, the state, the Middle East, journalism, democracy, the politics of place, knowledge production, expressivity
Alex Blanchette, Assistant Professor
Labor, political ecology, green capitalism; biotechnology, animals; de-industrialization; food politics, industrial agriculture; United States
Tatiana Chudakova, Assistant Professor
Medical anthropology, science and technology, environment, ethnicity and indigeneity, nationalism, post-socialism. Geographic focus: Russia; North Asia.
Sharon Kivenko, Lecturer
Performance and embodiment, migration, resistance, labor, ritual; geographical focus on West Africa and the United States
Sarah Luna, The Kathryn A. McCarthy, J45, AG46, Assistant Professor in Women's Studies
Sex work, migration, gender and sexuality, race and ethnicity, borders, Mexico, United States
Zarin Machanda, Usen Family Career Development Assistant Professor
Biological anthropology, primatology, chimpanzee behavioral ecology, primate life history and development, the evolution of social relationships, the ecology of male-female relationships
Sarah Pinto, Professor
Medical anthropology, gender, mental health, reproduction, cultures of biomedicine, kinship, global feminism, history of the body. Geographical focus on India
Nick Seaver, Assistant Professor
Computing and algorithms; sound and music; knowledge and attention; taste and classification; media technologies; science and technology studies
Cathy Stanton, Senior Lecturer
Tourism, museums, myth and ritual, cultural performance, culture-led redevelopment, mobilities, farm history/heritage
Lauren A. Sullivan, Lecturer
Mesoamerican Archaeology; Maya Archaeology; the rise & fall of complex societies; prehistory of the American Southwest; Paleoindians of North America; human evolution; Cultural Anthropology; ceramic analysis

Faculty Emeritus
Stephen Bailey, Associate Professor Emeritus
Biological and nutritional anthropology; growth and body composition; methodology; Latin America, China, Southwest US
David Guss, Professor Emeritus
Urban and aesthetic anthropology; placemaking; theory; cultural performance; myth and ritual; popular culture; Latin America
Deborah Pacini Hernandez, Professor Emerita, Anthropology and American Studies
Comparative Latino Studies; racial and ethnic identity; popular music; globalization; transnationalism; Latino community studies
Rosalind Shaw, Associate Professor of Anthropology Emerita
Violence, memory, and futurity; the anthropology of post-conflict; children and youth; transitional justice; West Africa; Sierra Leone

Lynn Wiles, Department Administrator
310 Eaton Hall  |  Office: 617.627.3563
Jamie Gorman, Staff Assistant
302 Eaton Hall  |  Office: 617.627.6528