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Talk to the Director

You came to Tufts to be a student and take advantage of all that the classroom has to offer, but as life happens, you will most likely find yourself in need of personal resources and support at some point. This section provides links and resources to various Tufts support services who work directly with issues related to women and gender. Links are divided into relevant topics as well as by department. Navigating all systems can be challenging, especially if the support you need is because of a trauma, crime, or medical or mental health issue. The Women's Center Director, Steph Gauchel, is available to help you navigate Tufts and to help find the support and resources you need personally and academically to be both healthy and optimally successful in your academic pursuits.

Here are some of the resources available to help you on campus:

Safe Sex Materials and Health & Gender Related Resources

The Women's Center has pamphlets and resources on various topics. We also provide free internal and external condoms as well as dental dams and lubrication. All of these materials are free and available to peruse without needing staff assistance.

Gender Neutral Restrooms

While gender neutral & accessible bathrooms are often viewed as only needed for genderqueer, gender nonconforming, and/or transgender people or people with physical disabilities, the safest bathroom for anyone is a single stall, private restroom with a lock. Download a list of indentified gender neutral restrooms. The Women's Center provides two gender neutral bathrooms. Unfortunately, neither are wheelchair accessible.


A simple, risk-free ways to anonymously and confidentially report activities that may involve unethical or otherwise inappropriate activity or behavior in violation of Tufts University's established policies and Business Conduct Policy. You may file a report to Tufts University on the EthicsPoint website or by calling EthicsPoint toll-free at 1-866-384-4277.

Bias Reporting

If you experience a bias incident or harassment or know someone who has:

  • Contact TUPD at x6-6911 (617-627-6911).
  • Contact the Residential Assistant on duty.
  • Contact the Bias Response Team at x7-3158 (617-627-3158).
  • Report online via WebCenter.
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