Mission Statement

SAGE (Students Acting for Gender Equality) is the Women's Center Student Collaborative group. SAGE's mission is to foster an intentional and collaborative community in which we educate ourselves on gender and intersectional feminist issues while gaining the skills necessary to productively work towards gender and social justice at Tufts and beyond. We are committed to fighting for gender justice which we see as incorporating both the realization of gender equality as well as achieving freedom of identities and expression as well as racial justice, economic justice, disability justice, and other forms of liberation that we recognize as being intimately connected.

At SAGE, we actively explore and affirm the full spectrum of gendered experiencesthat exist across individuals and cultures. You do not have to identify as a feminist to join, but we do approach this work through a social justice and feminist lens. Within this, we take seriously the call to consider gender in conjunction with the experience of socio-economic status, race, sexual identity, and all other aspects of identity.

About Us