The Annual Symposium



One of the program requirements for students in the WSSS program is to participate in the planning and execution of the annual WSSS symposium. The symposium is traditionally organized and executed under the leadership of students in their second year of the program.


The annual symposium has been an integral part of the WSSS program since 2010. Each symposium since has featured a specific aspect of water issues in the world as a theme, around which speakers and presenters organize their materials.


Students that do research projects as part of the R Track of the program present their research at the symposium. In addition, the symposium features speakers and presenters from public, private, and non-governmental sectors, as well as panel discussions and networking opportunities.



This year's symposium theme is "Water in Humanitarian Emergencies." Please visit our event's site for more information.


2017 Symposium


Water markets have potential: potential for uniting urban and rural stakeholders in environmental stewardship, potential for inspiring public-private partnerships, and potential for flexible solutions to a variety of regional water-based issues. As of 2013, there were 98 water markets in the U.S. In certain watersheds and regions, water markets have been a smashing success, mitigating nutrient pollution, preserving habitat, and maintaining sufficient flow. By some accounts, however, water markets have yet to reach their full potential, suffering from thin supply or demand, facing regulatory uncertainty, and lacking a driving force. The speakers that were chosen for this event have been involved in markets in many locales in the U.S. as well as international water markets. The symposium included an interactive demonstration of how markets work, and lectures about the opportunities and challenges facing water markets today.


Speakers included:

    Richael Young - Mammoth Trading
    Marshall Moutenot - UpStream
    Bill Ginn - TNC
    Chris Hartley - USDA
    Jimmy Daukas - American Farmland Trust
    Erin Perry - Cape Cod Commission
    Keynote Address from Ellen Gilinsky, Former Associate Deputy Assistant Administrator for Water at the United States EPA


Special thanks to our generous sponsors:

Watershed Level Sponsors ($1000 or greater)

    Tufts Institute of the Environment
    Friedman School Student Council
    Stockholm Environment Institute

Tributary Level Sponsors ($500-999)

    Tufts Gordon Institute


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