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All-WSSS Meeting

January 20, 2012

First WSSS meeting of the Spring Semester
All-WSSS Meeting

February 24, 2012
3:00 - 4:30pm
Room 102, Cabot Intercultural Center

Graduate Seminar Series

Febuary 28, 2012
3:00 - 4:15pm
Nelson Auditorium, Anderson Hall

"Canadian and American Collaboration in Dealing with Pollution Issues in Niagara River during the Past 25 Years"
Dr. Abdel El-Shaarawi
National Water Research Institute and McMaster University

Talk on statistical methods used to produce annual joint American and Canadian report on the status of organic contaminants in the Niagara River

Lexington Public Works Field Trip

March 9, 2012
1:00 - 6:00pm
201 Bedford Street
Lexington, MA


Middle East Practicum

March 20 - 24, 2012
West Bank

Rescheduled to May 11 - 20, 2012


March 27, 2012
3:00 - 5:00pm
Nelson Auditorium, Anderson Hall

“Water in a New Era”
Jay Lund
Director of the Center for Watershed Sciences, Professor of Environmental Engineering
University of California, Davis

Reception to follow in Burden Lounge, Anderson Hall

R-Track Meeting

March 30, 2012
TIE Conference Room, Miller Hall

IRB Seminar
Martin LaVigne, Institutional Research Board (IRB) Coordinator


R-Track Meeting

April 6, 2012
Room 208, Eaton Hall

GIS Poster Presentation
Barbara Parmenter

Lecturer, Department of Urban and Environmental Policy

All-WSSS Meeting

April 13, 2012
Room 102, Cabot Intercultural Center


WSSS Symposium April 27, 2012
8:30am - 5:00pm
51 Winthrop St
Medford, MA
Third Annual WSSS Symposium at Tufts University

IGERT Inaugural Seminar and Reception

December 16, 2011
10:30am - 12:30pm
Coolidge Room, Ballou Hall

Cancelled: "Meeting Africa's Water Challenge: The Time is Now"
Dr. Obiageli Ezekwesili, Vice President of the Africa Region, The World Bank
Lunch will be served after the seminar.

All-WSSS Meeting December 9, 2011
3:00 - 4:30pm
Rabb Room, Tisch College
End-of-Semester Social


December 2 - 4, 2011
Tufts Loj
P Track, R Track, and symposium planning meetings December 2, 2011
EWRE/EH Seminar

November 29, 2011
Anderson Hall, Nelson Auditorium

Doug Walker, Tianyi Luo, William Farmer, CEE Graduate students, Tufts University

P Track, R Track, and symposium planning meetings November 18, 2011

WSSS Seminar

November 18, 2011
Crowe Room, Cabot Intercultural Center

"System-wide modeling for strategic insights (Ganges, Nile), Cool Tools for IWRM, Water Resources & Climate Risks"
Harshadeep, World Bank

Malawi - Population and Settlements
Consequence Table

P Track, R Track, and symposium planning meetings November 4, 2011

WSSS Seminar

November 3, 2011
Nelson Auditorium, Anderson Hall

"Developing a Climate Informed Decision Analysis: Application to the International Upper Great Lakes Study"
Dr. Casey Brown, Professor at UMass Amherst

EWRE/EH Seminar

November 1, 2011
Anderson Hall, Nelson Auditorium

"Clean Air or Clean Water? Nitrous Oxide During Engineered Biological Nitrogen RemovalClean Air or Clean Water? Nitrous Oxide During Engineered Biological Nitrogen Removal"
Dr. Kartik Chandran, Columbia, Department of Earth and Environmental Engineering
All-WSSS Meeting October 28, 2011
3:00 - 4:30pm
Rabb Room, Tisch College
WSSS student TED talks, GIS resources and research at Tufts, and more!
P Track, R Track, and symposium planning meetings October 28, 2011
All-WSSS Meeting

October 21, 2011
4:00 - 5:30pm
Rabb Room, Tisch College

WSSS student TED talks, GIS resources and research at Tufts, and more!
- TED Talk by Negin Ashoori and Andrea Brown

2011 Let's Talk About Water Symposium

October 15, 2011
Northeastern University’s Blackman Auditorium

Free Admission and Free Lunch!

Join Northeastern University for an in-depth discussion and critical thinking about the complex water issues facing society, particularly toxic chemical pollution of drinking water. We will be hosting a film screening, followed by informal discussion over lunch, and then an extended moderated panel discussion.

Film Screening: “A Civil Action“, a true story about lawyer Jan Schlichtmann (played by John Travolta), who represented a group of families whose children have died due to TCE (a toxic chemical) dumped into their drinking water by a factory.

Panel Discussion: Panelists will include:
Attorney Jan Schlichtmann
Water pollution and environmental health experts:

  • Bob Zimmerman, Charles River Watershed Association
  • Joel Schwartz, Harvard School of Public Health
  • Phil Casanova, Northeastern University’s Civil and Environmental Engineering

Participants: All are welcome! We encourage students to attend, particularly from host Northeastern University, as well as partners Tufts, UMass Boston, MIT, BU and Harvard.

WSSS Field Trip October 14, 2011
Time and location TBA
All-WSSS Meeting

October 7, 2011
3:00 - 4:30pm
Nelson Auditorium, Anderson Hall

WSSS student TED talks, Engineers Without Borders, and more!
- TED Talk by John Parker
All-WSSS Meeting

September 30, 2011
3:00 - 4:30pm
Crane Room, Paige Hall

- Announcements: WSSS Retreat, WSSS Field Trip, etc.
- Vladimir Smakhtin: Research for Water Management in a Developing World: Adapting to Increasing Variability and Change
- Rick Hooper: Introduction to CUAHSI and Opportunities for WSSS Students
- TED Talks by Alex Bedig and John Parker

All-WSSS Meeting September 23, 2011
3:00 - 4:30pm
Crane Room, Paige Hall
WSSS and the Health Sciences

All-WSSS Meeting

September 16, 2011
3:00 - 4:30pm
Crane Room, Paige Hall
Fletcher School
Medford campus

WSSS and the Middle East

All-WSSS Meeting

September 9, 2011
NEW TIME: 3:00 - 4:30pm
Crane Room, Paige Hall
*Note location change*
Medford campus

Welcome and Orientation
Water Diplomacy Workshop (WDW) June 13 - 17, 2011

Cost: $2,950.00 (Including workshop fee and six nights of room and board)

This one-week train-the-trainer workshop aimed to create a global network of water professionals who are not only familiar with the theory and practice of water diplomacy but can teach the key ideas and methods to others in their own organizations. Through a highly interactive hands-on program, water professionals and community leaders from around the world learned how to manage water networks and resolve water conflicts at different levels. Visit the workshop website for further information.

WSSS year-end celebration May 6, 2011 Prof. Vogel's house
182 Orchard Street, Belmont
All-WSSS meeting April 29, 2011 All-WSSS meeting
Student presentations
"Barriers to Sustainability of Use and Maintenance of Water and Sanitation Facilities in Ethiopian Primary Schools"
Gogi Grewal, Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy
Shonda Gaylord, Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine
Jeff Cegan, School of Engineering
EWRE/EH/WSSS Seminar April 26, 2011 EWRE/EH/WSSS Seminar
"The Geohydrologic Role of Fault Zones on Petroleum Generations and Migration"
Byeongju Jung, PhD student, Tufts Univeresity
"Uncertainty in Agricultural Water Demand in the West Bank, Palestine"
Eric Vaughan, MS/WSSS Student, Tufts University
Small group meetings April 22, 2011 Small group meetings
- Track P
- Track R
EWRE/EH/WSSS Seminar April 19, 2011

"Drinking Water Contaminants: Exposure Assessment Considerations"
Michael Wright, Office of Research and Development, US EPA, National Center for Environement Assessment, Cinncinatti, OH

EWRE/EH/WSSS Seminar April 15, 2011

"Risky Business: Water, Climate and Global Supply Chains"
Upmanu Lall, Professor of Engineering and Director, Columbia Water Center, Columbia University

EWRE/EH/WSSS Seminar April 12, 2011

"Circulation Changes Conducive for the Observed Trends in Fall Hydroclimate Across the Central United States 1948 - 2006"
David Small, Assistant Research Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Tufts University

Small group meetings April 8, 2011

Small group meetings
- Track P
- Track R
- symposium planning group

All-WSSS meeting April 8, 2011

All-WSSS meeting

EWRE/EH/WSSS Seminar April 5, 2011

"Stormwater Management Strategies Under Climate Change: A Case Study in Somerville, Massachusetts"
Lauren Caputo, MS CEE/WSSS student, Tufts University

"Transport of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles in Porous Media"
Jessica Englehart, MS/CEE student, Tufts University

Annual WSSS Symposium April 1, 2011 2nd Annual WSSS Symposium
"Water in 2050: The Infrastructure to Get There"
EWRE/EH/WSSS Seminar March 29, 2011 EWRE/EH/WSSS Seminar
"Innovative Stormwater Management in Cambridge, MA"
Owen O'Riordan, Cambridge City Engineer
Bill Pisano, MWH Americas Inc.
Small group meetings March 18, 2011 - Track P
- Track R
- symposium planning group
EWRE/EH/WSSS Seminar March 15, 2011

"Interaction between Soil Mositure and Nitrogen in Ecohydrological Models"
Tony Parolari, Ph.D. student, MIT

Small group meetings March 11, 2011

- Track P
- Track R
- symposium planning group

EWRE/EH/WSSS Seminar March 8, 2011

"Development of Environemental Health Information Tools to Assess the effects of Policy Actions in the WHO European Region"
Andrey Egorov, World Health Organization

WSSS Poster-Making Workshop March 4, 2011


Small group meetings
March 4, 2011

- Track P
- Track R
- Symposium planning group

February 22, 2011 "Water and Possibilities for cooperation in the Middle East" (click for PDF)
Annette Huber-Lee, Visiting Scholar, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Tufts University
February 18, 2011 "Environmental Sustainability: The Case of Innovative Water Ecosystem in SouthEast Asia"
Zaini Ujang, Vice Chancellor and President, University of Technology, Malaysia

February 18, 2011

Student presentations
"From a Culture of Disaster Response to a Culture of Adaptation: Addressing Flooding and Climate Change in Honduras" (click for PDF)
Laura Kuhl, Fletcher School
"Agricultural Uncertainty in the West Bank, Palestine" (click for PDF)
Eric Vaughan, School of Engineering
"Stormwater Management Strategies Under Climate Change: A look at Somerville, MA and Aurora, CO"(click for PDF)
Ana Rosner, School of Engineering

February 11, 2011 "Anthropogenic Signatures in Biogeochemical Responses of Catchments across Spatio-temporal Scales" (click for PDF)
Prof. Nandita Basu, Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering University of Iowa College of Engineering
Prof. Suresh Rao, Distinguished Professor of Civil Engineering and Agronomy Purdue University
February 8, 2011 "Environmental Drivers of Waterborne Infections: National Data Repository Perspective"
Elena Naumova, Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Tufts University
Small group meetings February 4, 2011 - Track P
- Track R
- Symposium planning group
WSSS Faculty Lecture
January 28, 2011

"Drinking Water: Facts, Fears, and the Future"

All-WSSS Meeting

January 28, 2011

"Anthropogenic Drivers of Coastal Protection on Cape Cod: What factors are driving demand and what are the future alternatives in a dynamic environment" (click for PDF)
Peter Kelly-Joseph, Urban & Environmental Policy & Planning
"Land and Water Management Innovations in Rain-fed Agriculture: The Quesungual Slash-and-Mulch Agroforestry system in Southwestern Honduras"
(click for PDF)
Alex Bedig, Civil & Environmental Engineering
John Parker, Agriculture, Food and Environment

January 25, 2011

"Water-Related Research at the Stockholm Environment Institute"
Eric Kemp-Benedict Senior Scientist, Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI)

All-WSSS Meeting January 21, 2011

Small group meetings:
- Track P
- Track R
- Symposium planning group

Event Date Details
All-WSSS Meeting
December 09, 2010

Institutional Dimensions of River/Reservoir System Modeling: Lessons from Implementation of the Texas Water Availability Modeling System [click for slides]

Click to download flyer (PDF)
Dr. Ralph A. Wurbs

All-WSSS Meeting December 03, 2010

Yushiou Tsai, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Symposium planning committee
Research and practicum track participants

All-WSSS Meeting October 29, 2010 WSSS Social
Enrollment forms due
All-WSSS Meeting October 22, 2010

Jeff Griffiths and Elena Naumova, Dept of Public Health and Community Medicine, Tufts School of Medicine
Tim Griffin, Agriculture, Food & Environment Program, Friedman School of Nutrition Science & Policy

All-WSSS Meeting October 15, 2010

WSSS Practicum/Mystic river field trip (Click for pictures)
Patrick Herron, Mystic Monitoring Network Director, MyRWA
Rusty Russell, Dept of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning, School of Arts & Sciences

WSSS Seminar October 8, 2010

Water Diplomacy in Israel and the Middle East
Dr. Uri Shamir, Senior Advisor to the Israel Water Authority
Click to download flyer (PDF)

WSSS-Sponsored Impact Analysis Workshop October 1, 2010

Integrated Water Resources Management: Participatory Impact Planning Analysis
Dr. Annette Huber-Lee, Civil and Envionmental Engineering
Dr. Eric Kemp-Benedict, SEI-US

All-WSSS Meeting September 24, 2010

Water, Agriculture, Food and Livelihood Security
Dr. Astier Almedom, Institute for Global Leadership
Dr. Eric Kemp-Benedict, SEI-US
Agricultural Water Demand, West Bank, Palestine
Eric S. Vaughan, student, Civil and Envionmental Engineering

All-WSSS Meeting September 17, 2010

Water Management in a Changing Environment: Climate Change and Hydromorphology
Adaptation Planning Research
Dr. Paul Kirshen, Civil and Envionmental Engineering
Ana Rosner, student, Civil and Envionmental Engineering
Lauren Rose Caputo, student, Civil and Envionmental Engineering
Climate Change Adaptation and Flooding in Honduras
Laura Kuhl, student, The Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy

EWRE/WSSS Seminar Series September 14, 2010 Presented by Dr. Steve Chapra, Ph.D.
"Rubbish, Stink and Death: The Historical Evolution, Present State, and Future Direction of Water-Quality Management and Modeling"
All-WSSS Meeting September 10, 2010 Program Orientation
Water: Systems, Science and Society
Prof Rich Vogel, Civil and Environmental Engineering
John Parker, student, Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy
Ellen Tyler, student, Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy
Simcha Levental, student, Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning
First Annual Water: Systems, Science & Society Symposium May 1, 2010

Highlighting interdisciplinary water-related research in the Northeast

Click to download flyer (PDF)

Annual Water Resources Leadership Lecture April 30, 2010

"The Woburn Trial from the View of an Expert Witness"
Prof. George Pinder, University of Vermont
WSSS External Advisory Committee member

Click to download flyer (PDF)

External Advisory Committee Meeting April 30, 2010  
EWRE/WSSS Seminar Series April 27, 2010 Lina Perelman, Visiting Scholar from the Technion, Israel
Zhenying Zhang, Tufts MS student, "Nutrient Mass Balance Model for the Great Lakes"
All-WSSS Program Meeting April 23, 2010  
EWRE/WSSS Seminar Series April 20, 2010 Brian Thomas, Tufts PhD student, "The impact of BMP’s on Boston Groundwater Levels"
Xuan Gao, Tufts PhD candidate, "Environmental Flow and Small Reservoirs in Ghana"

All-WSSS Program Meeting

April 16, 2010

EWRE/WSSS Seminar Series

April 13, 2010

Melissa Ng, Tufts MS student, "The hydromorphology of two urbanizing watersheds"
David Roman, Tufts MS student, "Regional models of suspended sediment transport for the Eastern US"

EWRE/WSSS Seminar Series

April 6, 2010

Jeff Trull, Tufts MS student, "Impact of atmospheric mixing conditions on near-highway air pollutant gradients" and Christine Sotolongo, Tufts MS student

EWRE/WSSS Seminar Series

March 30, 2010

Jayanta Bandyopadhyay, Professor and Head, Centre for Development and Environment Policy, Indian Institute of Management, "Calcutta Hydro-diplomacy and Water Future in South Asia"

EWRE/WSSS Seminar Series

March 16, 2010

Patrick Ray, PhD Defense, "Robust Optimization Using a Variety of Performance Measures: A case study of water system planning under climate and demographic uncertainty in Amman, Jordan"

EWRE/WSSS Seminar Series

March 9, 2010

Prof. Shafiq Islam, Tufts University, "Know the BOX first and then Think OUTSIDE THE BOX: Three Examples from Water"

EWRE/WSSS Seminar Series

March 2, 2010

Prof. Jeffrey Griffiths, Tufts University, "Air Pollution and Anemia Interact as Pneumonia Risk Factors? Data from Quito, Ecuador"

EWRE/WSSS Seminar Series

Feb 23, 2010

Prof. Ellen Douglas, University of Massachusetts, "Increased coastal flooding due to climate change and the potential impacts on Environmental Justice communities"

EWRE/WSSS Seminar Series

Feb 16, 2010

Prof. Casey Brown, University of Massachusetts, "Decision Scaling: Tailoring Climate Information for Climate Risk Assessment and Management"

All-WSSS Program Meeting

Feb 12, 2010


EWRE/WSSS Seminar Series

Feb 9, 2010

James Limbrunner, recent Tufts PhD, "Multiobjective operation of Delaware River basin reservoirs"

EWRE/WSSS Seminar Series

Feb 2, 2010

Sandeep Sathyamoorthy, Tufts PhD Student, "Water Reuse: Opportunities, Challenges and Solutions"
David Rheinheimer, UC Davis PhD Student, "Optimizing Hydropower Systems for Environmental Flows & Climate Warming in the Western Sierra Nevada"

Integrated Water Resources Management Workshop

Jan 28 & 29, 2010

WSSS-hosted event for Chinese delegates
Visit the IWRM Workshop page for more information

Introduction to EWRE/WSSS Seminar Series

Jan 26, 2010

Meghan Walter, MS Thesis Defense, "Increasing Trends in Peak Streamflows in the Northeastern U.S. and Their Impacts"





Weekly Meeting #7 Friday, Dec 4, 2009 Progress Reports
Track P
Track R
Symposium Planning
Weekly Meeting #6
Program Orientation
Friday, Oct 16, 2009 Featured Programs: Engineering, Arts & Sciences
Rich Vogel and John Durant, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Nathan Rawding, Arts & Sciences
Weekly Meeting #5
Program Orientation
Friday, Oct 9, 2009 Featured Programs: CUAHSI, UEP, SEI
Rick Hooper, CUAHSI
Scott Horsley, UEP
Kendall Webster and Jack Melcher, Arts & Sciences
Xuan Gao, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Eric Kemp-Benedict, SEI
Weekly Meeting #4
Program Orientation
Friday, Oct 2, 2009 Featured Programs: Nutrition, Public Health
Tim Griffin and Jalal Elhayek, Friedman School
Jeff Griffiths, School of Medicine
Dan Maxwell, Feinstein Center
Weekly Meeting #3
Program Orientation
Friday, Sept 25, 2009 Featured Programs: Fletcher, Engineering, Arts & Sciences
Mieke van der Wansem and Georgia Kayser, Fletcher School
Shafiq Islam, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Kent Portney, Political Science
Weekly Meeting #2
Program Orientation
Friday, Sept 18, 2009 Featured Program: Engineers Without Borders
Douglas Matson, Mechanical Engineering
Jack Melcher, Urban & Environmental Policy & Planning
Weekly Meeting #1
Program Orientation
Friday, Sept 11, 2009 Richard Vogel, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Rusty Russell, Urban & Environmental Policy & Planning
Tim Griffin, Friedman School of Nutrition Science & Policy

Graduating WSSS Students
Research Presentations

April 10 & 24, 2009

Janice Snow, Urban & Environmental Policy & Planning
Katie Resnick, Urban & Environmental Policy & Planning
Justine Treadwell, Fletcher School
Georgia Kayser, Fletcher School
Jesus Sanchez, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Ali Akanda, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Ben Bornstein, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Karen Kosinski, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Allie Quady, Nutrition & Medical Schools

WSSS Seminar

March 27, 2009

Harnessing the Power of Sensors and Information Technology Towards Real-Time Environmental Observation and Decision Making
Barbara Minsker, University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana

WSSS Seminar

Feb 27, 2009

Peter Walker, Feinstein International Center

WSSS Seminar

Feb 20, 2009

Water, Agriculture, and Climate Change (click to view PDF)
Prof. Tim Griffin, Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy

WSSS Seminar

Jan 30, 2009

Research Ethics (click for PDF)
Prof. Beatrice Rogers, Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy

Second Biannual WSSS Student Negotiation

Jan 16, 2009

Long River: Confronting the Challenges of Instream Flow





WSSS Seminar

Nov 14, 2008

The Current Landscape of Climate Change Lawsuits in the U.S., and a follow-up discussion of A Civil Action

A Civil Action

Oct 31, 2008

Movie screening (click for the flyer)

WSSS Seminar

Oct 17, 2008

Climate Instability: Health Problems and Healthy Solutions (click for PDF)
Dr. Paul Epstein Harvard Medical School, Director, Center for Health and the Global Environment

Click to download flyer (PDF)

WSSS Seminar

Oct 3, 2008

Climate Change Planning at the MWRA
(MWRA is the regional water supplier and wastewater manager for Metro Boston)
Stephen Estes-Smargiassi, Director of Planning Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA)

WSSS Student/Faculty Canoe Trip on the Mystic River

Sept 20, 2008

Preceded by casual lunch at the Tufts Institute of the Environment, located in the rear basement of Miller Hall (View campus map here)

First Biannual WSSS Student Negotiation:
Water Privatization

Sept 19, 2008

This article provided background information on water privatization issues.

Orientation Seminar

Sept 5, 2008

Prof. Paul Kirshen, School of Engineering
Allie Quady, Friedman School
Jesus Sanchez, School of Engineering
Katie Resnick, School of Arts & Sciences

Student Presentations

May 2, 2008


WSSS Seminar

April 11, 2008

Water Challenges: Past, Present and Future (click for PDF)
Dr Perry McCarty, Recipient of 2007 Stockholm Water Prize

WSSS Seminar

April 4, 2008

How Engineers Invented Water Quality Modeling and How it Might Inform Climate Change (click for PDF)
Prof Steve Chapra, School of Engineering

WSSS Seminar

March 28, 2008

Prof Acacia Warren, School of Veterinary Medicine

WSSS Seminar

March 14, 2008

Building Sound Methodology for Analysis of Water and Health Data (click for PDF)
Prof Elena Naumova School of Medicine

CUAHSI Cyberseminar

Feb 15, 2008

Advancing hydrologic predictability in a changing environment through inter-disciplinary synthesis
Murugesu Sivapalan, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaigne

Student Advisory Committee

Feb 1, 2008

Discussion of WSSS program





WSSS Seminar

Nov 30, 2007

Research Ethics (click for PDF)
Prof Beatrice Rogers, School of Nutrition

WSSS Seminar

Oct 26, 2007

Too Much of a Good Thing: How Water Shocks Contribute to Food Insecurity and Malnutrition (click for PDF)
Prof Patrick Webb, School of Nutrition

WSSS Seminar

Oct 19, 2007

Crop Modeling and Its Value in Water Management in Burkina Faso (click for PDF)
Dr Moussa Sanon Burkina Faso, Institute for Agricultural Research (INERA)

WSSS Seminar

Oct 12, 2007

Epidemiology: the Good, the Bad and the Truly Ugly (click for PDF)
Background Reading:
An Applied Approach to Epidemiology and Toxicology for Engineers.
Prof David Gute, School of Engineering

WSSS Seminar

Sept 28, 2007

Water and Health: An Historical Perspective, Informing Today (click for PDF)
Prof Jeffrey Griffiths, School of Medicine

Health, Wealth, and Water -- Risky Lessons from Federal Regulatory Fountains
Prof Rusty Russell, School of Arts & Sciences

Tim Hogan
School of Medicine

Karen Kosinski
School of Engineering

Patrick Hall
School of Arts & Sciences

Douglas Glandon
Inst for Global Leadership

Sept 14, 2007

Local Improved Wells: A Clean, Cheap Source for Tanzania (click for PDF)

Preliminary Assessments of Water Resources Infrastructure and Urinary Schistosomiasis in Kwabeng, Ghana (click for PDF)

A Qualitative Assessment of Water Resource Management in Southern Madagascar (click for PDF)

Effects of Household Water Use and Hygiene Behavior on Diarrhea Prevalence

Prof Paul Kirshen and WSSS Student Advisory Committee

Sept 7, 2007

WSSS Orientation


Aug 30, 2007

WSSS Open House

Dr Peter K. Weiskel
U.S. Geological Survey

May 4, 2007

Climate, Landscapes, and People:
Hydrology as an Integrative Discipline

Lars Hanson
Viktoria Zoltay
Rachel Bingham
James Limbrunner

April 20, 2007

Graduating WSSS Student Presentations

Prof Kenneth Strzepek University of Colorado

April 13, 2007

4th Annual Water Resources Leadership Lecture
The Role of Water in the Economic Development in Africa

Click to download flyer (PDF)

Prof Anne Spirn Depts of Architecture and Urban Studies & Planning

March 3, 2007

Restoring Mill Creek:
Landscape Literacy, Environmental Justice,
and City Planning and Design
Prof. Spirn spoke about the West Philadelphia Landscape Project. There's a link to the project website on this page, as well as an article, "Restoring Mill Creek" Her presentation consisted of an abbreviated version of that paper, emphasizing water issues.

Rep James Marzilli
Massachusetts State Senate

Feb 9, 2007

How States are Addressing Climate Change and the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI)

Fr David O'Leary
University Chaplain, Tufts University

Jan 26, 2007

Water and Ethics





Prof Robert Sternberg
Dean of Arts & Sciences

Dec 1, 2006

Leadership is a Decision

Timothy Hogan
Medical School

Nov 17, 2006

Local Well Construction in Rural Songea, Rivuma District, Tanzania (click for abstract)

Peg Atkisson, PhD
Scientific Proposal Specialist
Office of the V. Provost

Nov 3, 2006

Proposal Writing Workshop
(for WSSS students and interested faculty)

Prof Jonathan Kenny
School of Arts & Sciences

Oct 20, 2006

Fluorescence Analysis of Natural Waters and Other Complex Materials
Background Reading (PDF):
Gregory J. Hall and Jonathan E. Kenny, "Estuarine Water Classification Using EEM Spectroscopy and PARAFAC-SIMCA"

Prof Richard Vogel
School of Engineering

Oct 6, 2006

Balancing Human and Ecological Needs for Water
Background Reading (PDF):
Vogel, R.M., J. Sieber, S.A. Archfield, M.P. Smith, C.D. Apse, and A.Huber-Lee, "Relations among storage, yield and instream flow, Water Resources Research," submitted for publication, June, 2006.

WSSS Orientation and Canoe Trip

Sept 30, 2006


Mark Smith
The Nature Conservancy

Sept 15, 2006

Restoration of Instream Ecological Flows
Background Reading (PDFs):
A Method for Assessing Hydrologic Alteration within Ecosystems


April 28, 2006

Mystic Watershed Forum:
Knowledge Exchange and Implications for Action

Patrick Hall
School of Arts & Sciences

Georgia Kayser
Fletcher School

Sarah Reich
School of Arts & Sciences

Edward Spang
Fletcher School

Viktoria Zoltay
School of Engineering

April 21, 2006

Graduating WSSS Student Presentations

Roberto Lenton
Chair, Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council

March 31, 2006


Eugene Z. Stakhiv
Institute for Water Resources,
US Army Corps of Engineers

March 7, 2006

Integrated Water Resources Management in the Midst of Chaos and Caducity:
Lessons from Hurricane Katrina

Held at MIT, TANG CENTER, 70 Memorial Dr. (E51), Cambridge, MA

Prof Rita Colwell
University of Maryland College Park,
Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health

Feb 10, 2006

Global Infectious Diseases, Water, and Human Health:
The Cholera Paradigm

Dr. Colwell served as director of the National Science Foundation from 1998-2004.

Joshua Das
Project Manager
Public Health Planning,
Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA)

Jan 27, 2006

Implementing Public Health Policy in the MWRA





Chris Hillbruner
School of Nutrition

Nov 4, 2005

The Water Poverty Index: Developing A Better Indicator of Water Security and Stress

Rachel Bingham
School of Nutrition

Nov 11, 2005

Drop by Drop the Valley is Filled: How Micro-Irrigation is Making a Difference in Northern Ghana

Prof John Durant
School of Engineering

Nov 18, 2005

Field Trip
Quabbin Reservoir

Prof Chris Jost
School of Vet Medicine

Oct 7, 2005

Journal Review

Prof Chris Jost
School of Vet Medicine

Prof Paul Kirshen
School of Engineering

Oct 14, 2005

The Climate Forecasting for Agricultural Resources (CFAR) Project, Sahel-Sudan Zone, West Africa


Oct 28, 2005

Vet Student Presentation

Patrick Ray
School of Engineering

Sept 16, 2005

Water upply Planning in Greater Beirut, Lebanon

Prof Paul Kirshen
School of Engineering

Sept 23, 2005

Reading Discussion:
"A Regional, Multi-Sectoral and Integrated Assessment of the Impacts of Climate and Socio-Economic Change in the UK, Part 1: Methodology," Climate Change (2005) 71:9-41

Prof Steven Chapra
School of Engineering

Sept 30, 2005

Multi-Disciplinary Aspects of Water Quality Modeling

Prof Christopher Field
Carnegie Institution, Stanford, CA

April 15, 2005

3rd Annual Water Resources Leadership Lecture
Global Ecology & the Carbon/Climate/Energy Challenge
followed by student meeting with Dr. Field

Ray Powell
Exec Director Valles Caldera National Preserve (VCNP) Trust

April 22, 2005

Challenges in Managing Valles Caldera National Preserve in New Mexico
VCNP is at the head of the Los Alamos water catchment. It is a specially designated preserve that reports directly to the White House (one of only two in the country).

Fr David O'Leary
University Chaplain
Tufts University

March 4, 2005

Water and Ethics
Guha, R. 1999. "Radical American Environmnentalism Revisited" in Witoszek & Brennan eds.
Nash, R. 1990. "American Environmentalism: Readings in Conservation History."
Varner, G. 1998. "In Nature's Interest? Animal Rights and Environmental Ethics."

Water Workshop

Feb 26-27, 2005

Water as a Source of Conflict and Cooperation: Exploring the Potential
sponsored by WSSS, The Center for International Environmental Resources Policy (CIERP) at The Fletcher School, and the Provost's Office

Prof Sheldon Krimsky
School of Arts & Sciences

Feb 18, 2005

Water Ethics: Beyond Riparian Rights
(click for PDF)

Emily Farr
Nutrition School

Feb 11, 2005

Water, Relief and Development: Examples from Ethiopia and Asia
(click for PDF)

Peter Walker
International Famine Center
Tufts University

Feb 4, 2005

Russian Dolls, Weasel Words and the World Conference on Natural Disaster Reduction

WSSS Potluck

Jan 21, 2005






Profs Peter Rogers and Gordon McKay
Harvard University

Dec 5, 2004

Is There a Global Water Crisis?
(click for PDF)

Elizabeth Chalecki
PhD student
Fletcher School

Nov 19, 2004

Water and International Security
(click for PDF)

Prof William Moomaw
Fletcher School

Nov 12, 2004

Cascading Costs:
The Effects of Nitrogen Damage in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed

Charles Vorosmarty
Univ of New Hampshire

Oct 22, 2004

Humans transforming the global water cycle
(click for PDF)

James Limbrunner
PhD student
School of Engineering

Oct 15, 2004


Stacey Archfield
PhD student
School of Engineering

Oct 15, 2004

Reliability of reservoir firm yield determined from the historical drought of record
(click for PDF)

Prof Shafiqul Islam,
School of Engineering

Oct 8, 2004


Erik Olsen
National Resources Defense Council

Oct 1, 2004


Luke Ascolillo
PhD student
School of Medicine

Sept 17, 2004


Prof Jeffrey Griffiths
School of Medicine

Sept 10, 2004

Water and Public Health: Current issues in the US


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