2010 News


2010 News

WSSS in the Bahamas

WSSS in the Bahamas

"A group of post-graduate students from Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts, in conjunction with Friends of the Environment, visited Abaco during the last week of March in order to conduct and equip volunteers with the means to carry out ongoing water quality tests."

"While last year's group conducted a short series of tests that had a definite end, this year's students hope to establish a framework to conduct ongoing tests and to eventually give Friends and Abaco the tools to set up a management program of our coastal waters."

The 2010 WSSS practicum was recently written up for their work in Abaco, the Bahamas.

IWRM Workshop at Tufts


On January 28 and 29, 2010, the WSSS prgram hosted seven water professionals from China for a workshop on Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM). The workshop featured presentations and discussions led by WSSS faculty members, graduate students, and local water experts. including representatives from the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI-US) and the Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of the Hydrological Sciences (CUAHSI).

The IWRM page on our website includes PDFs of many of these presentations, along with a full schedule and several pictures of the event.

Hydrology on Tufts' Drumlin

Water Management Models

"When Grant Garven decided that textbooks alone weren't adequate to teach his students about groundwater, he didn't get frustrated. He got a drilling crew.

"The Tufts geohydrology professor oversaw the drilling of five deep, narrow holes on the Medford, Mass., campus last sumer. The deepest is 600 feet, about 50 feet more than the height of the Washington Monument."

These observation holes allow Tufts students to have hands-on geohydrology experiences right on top of the GeoJumbo Aquifer.

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From The Abaconian, April 1, 2010

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From the Chronicle of Higher Education, January 17, 2010, the Somerville News, January 15 2010, and the Tufts Journal, February 3, 2010


Water Management Models

Water Management Model

"Among the most pronounced effects of climate change is the increase in competition for water resouces. The broad spatial and temporal scales of climate change mean that decision makers cannot easily build on personal experi-ence and empirical observation to devise adaptive solutions. Simulation modeling can help resource managers adjust by illustrating how alternative options might perform in future climate scenarios..."

Water management projects that WSSS students, faculty, and alumni have worked on in Burkina Faso were featured in a recent article in Anthropology News.



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From Anthropology News, January 2010



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