2008 News


2008 News

Lautze Dams Malaria

Lautze Dams

"Worldwide malaria kills more than a million people a year. Ninety percent of these deaths occur in Africa, mostly among young children. Jonathan Lautze is researching how to curb the transmission of malaria through water resource engineering and management—research he pursued while completing Tufts School of Engineering's first doctoral degree in conjunction with the interdisciplinary Water: Systems, Science, and Society certificate program. By controlling a dam's reservoir water levels, the development of malaria-carrying mosquito larvae can be disrupted..."

Tracking Trouble in Paradise

Trouble in Paradise

During a recent Practicum in the Bahamas, WSSS students researched local water issues

"The Bahamas, with its postcard-perfect clear blue Caribbean waters, has a problem that seems almost unimaginable. The country's main tourist draw - its lovely beaches - are virtually unmonitored for environmental contamination. Rainfall gets swept quickly into the coastal waters, along with all the pollutants typical of a growing urban center like the country's capital Nassau, situated on the main Bahamian island of New Providence..."

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From Tufts Engineering E-News, Winter 2008

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From Alma Matters Alumni Magazine, Fall 2008


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