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US Water Parnership global launch at Rio+20

Indian Water tap by Andrea Brown

On June 20th, 2012, Tufts University’s Institute of the Environment entered the U.S. Water Partnership (USWP), a group comprised of over 40 American public, private, and civil society organizations committed to addressing international water issues. The USWP’s purpose is to share U.S. knowledge, leverage and mobilize resources, and facilitate cross-sector partnerships in order to scale up innovative solutions and assist the 884 million people worldwide that go without clean water. Tufts Institute of the Environment (TIE) - and by affiliation the Water: Systems, Science, and Society (WSSS) program - is proud to become part of this partnership, and shares U.S. Environmental Protection Agency administrator Lisa P. Jackson’s vision that “the U.S. Water Partnership will allow us to bring together the best thinking - in both the public and private sectors - to tackle the pressing water challenges the world faces today and will face in the future.

Richard Vogel: A Conversation

A Conversation with Richard M. Vogel

"A professor of civil and environmental engineering, Richard M. Vogel has been working at Tufts University since 1984. And while his primary expertise is in the areas of water resource engineering and hydrology -- he's also the director of his school's interdisciplinary program in water systems and science -- Vogel spends a fair amount of time thinking about and calculating the likelihood of earthquakes, landslides, bird extinctions, and even near-Earth asteroid collisions."

"Here, Vogel discusses what it is that people don't understand about interdisciplinary education and research; how the idea that the environment matters as much as human needs, which was first advanced in South Africa, is having enormous repercussions in the water world; and why urbanization as a trend is having a much greater negative impact on our limited water resources than climate change."

Is Clean Water the New Oil?

"Bhaskar Chakravorti: Access to the sources of water yields immense economic and political power. I think it is not an understatement to say that the availability of clean water is at the intersection of global business demographics, geopolitics, technology trends. It is essential to survival. Worldwide demand for it is growing, many sources of water are drying up and there isn’t a clear strategy for how manage the supply. Are we getting to the point where clean water is the new oil? "

"Richard Vogel: It’s a compelling question, because there are more similarities than there are differences. There are differences, but the similarities are profound, and they predominate."

Senior Associate Dean Bhaskar Chakravorti interviews Professor Richard Vogel, Chair of WSSS, on the "water gap".


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