Forms for registration and graduation


Enrollment Form

Required for entry into the WSSS program.
The application deadline is October 1st.


IPE Completion Form

The IPE Completion Form has two parts: one to be done before the start of IPE and the other part when completed IPE.


Course Approval Forms


If the course you are taking is on the Hard-approved course list then you DO NOT need to fill out the following forms.


Soft-Approved Course Form

Required for classes on the soft-approved course list. Must be submited prior to taking the class.


New Course Approval Form

Used to evaluate whether or not a new course can be counted towards the WSSS Approved Course List for the WSSS Certificate Program. Must be submited prior to taking the class.


Petition for Exemption Form

This form is to be submitted by students requesting exemption from one or more requirements of the WSSS program prior to program completion.


Completing certificate


Intent to Complete Form

This form declares the studentís completion of the WSSS program requirements and is required to receive a Certificate of Completion. This should be filled out at the beginning of the studentís final semester in WSSS.





This page was updated Spring 2018