Endorsed by the Provost Office of Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts

July 23 - 24, 1999


  1. Nguyen Tu Cuong, George Mason U., Washington DC, Philosophy and Religions
  2. Nguyen Thai Duc, Old Dominion U., Virginia, Civil & Environmental Engineering
  3. Pho Ba Hai, UMass Lowell, Massachusetts, Political Science
  4. Pham Anh Hung, Iowa State U., Iowa, Mechanical Engineering
  5. Nguyen Manh Hung, George Mason U., Washington DC, Government & Politics
  6. Pho Tuyet Lan, UMass Lowell, Massachusetts, Education
  7. Vo Van Tan, Suffolk U., Massachusetts, Mathematics
  8. Tran Van Thanh, Boston College, Massachusetts, Social Work
  9. Ngo Dinh Thinh, CSU-Sacramento, California, Mechanical Engineering
  10. Pham Gia Thu, Moncton U., Moncton (Canada), Mathematics & Statistics
  11. Vo Van Toi, Tufts U., Massachusetts, Biomedical Engineering
  12. Cao Huu Tri, San Jose State U., California, Electrical Engineering
  13. Nguyen Quang Truong, Boston U., Massachusetts, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  14. Huynh Huu Tue, Laval U, Quebec City (Canada), Electrical & Computer Engineering

Audience: spouses and guests

July 23, 1999 - Opening Day Meeting:

  1. Professor Sol Gittleman, Provost of Tufts University gave a warm welcome note.
  2. Each participant gave a 15-minute self-introduction, background, experience and research. It was interesting to realize that we have a strong group that covers a wide variety of fields in Humanities, Social Sciences, Education, Engineering, and Computer Technology.
  3. The dinner was catered by a local Vietnamese restaurant. The discussion session was very friendly and informal. The subjects included environmental issues, predictions for the future of Vietnam, community activities and endeavors, etc…

July 24, 1999 - Round Table Discussion:

  1. The participants discussed a variety of subjects and did agree on the following items listed as a MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING (MOU) (Attachment).
  2. Anh Thinh extended his invitation to any colleague interested to spend sabbatical leave at CSU-Sacramento and teach courses (with compensation in mechanical engineering for Fall '99 and Sp '00 semesters.
  3. The assembly proposed the second (July 2000) and the third annual meetings (July 2001) of the VNAUP Network will be organized in Canada and California, respectively. On this matter, during the BBQ in the afternoon, anh Nguyen Thai Duc propose another location which is the Old Dominion U. in Virginia.
  4. Chi Tuyet Lan suggested that the Network should try harder to locate and invite more professors from the "beautiful group" (phai' dde.p).
  5. Chi Van, anh Thinh's spouse, suggested that in the future the Network also extends invitation to participants' spouses and if possible organizes social events for them.
  6. Anh Hai proposed that the assembly acknowledge anh Vo Van Toi and Ngo Dinh Thinh for theirs efforts to this initiative.
  7. The First Annual Meeting of the VNAUP Network was concluded with a BBQ at anh Toi's residence.









Tufts University, July 24, 1999

  1. NAME:
  2. The name of the network is The Vietnamese North-American University Professors (VNAUP) Network. The membership includes only professors, lecturers, higher education administrators, and professors emeritus, who have a full-time appointment at a college or university in North America.

  1. To promote mutual social relationship
  2. To promote mutual professional assistance including research collaboration, sabbatical opportunities, etc…
  3. To promote the sharing of academic and professional information


  1. The VNAUP Network is dedicated to the higher education in North America. The VNAUP Network also pays concern to the higher education of other countries in the world.
  2. The VNAUP Network is a multi-disciplinary Network.
  3. No activity initiated by an individual member can be done in the name of VNAUP Network.
  4. The VNAUP Network takes no political stand.
  1. The members will communicate through a restricted email mailing list; (i.e., only members can receive and post messages) managed by Professor Vo Van Toi, Tufts U.
  2. The official web-site of the VNAUP Network is developed and maintained by Professor Vo Van Toi in conjunction with Professor Ngo Dinh Thinh, CSU-Sacramento and Professor Nguyen Quang Truong, Boston U. Included among the items on the web-site are: updated list of members and their academic affiliations, student affairs sections addressing scholarships, job opportunities, teaching and research assistantships, etc…
  3. To achieve the objective and philosophy and objective of the VNAUP Network, the participants agree to seek the sponsorship of existing professional societies and associations in North America such as the American Association of Higher Education (AAHE), the American Association of University Professors (AAUP), and others.
  4. The VNAUP will organize annual meetings for its members only