JULY 5 - 6, 2001






1.     Prof. Vo~ Va(n To+'i, Tufts University, Massachusetts

2.     Prof. Nguye^~n Cao Lie^u, UQAM, Montreal

3.     Prof. Le^ Tro.ng Thu.y, San Jose State University, California

4.     Prof. Cao Hu+~u Tri', San Jose State University, California

5.     Prof. Pho' Tuye^'t Lan, University of Massachusetts Lowell, Massachusetts

6.     Prof. Pho' Ba' Ha?i, University of Massachusetts Lowell, Massachusetts

7.     Prof. Chung Hoa`ng Chu+o+ng, City College of San Francisco, California

8.     Prof. Nguye^~n Xua^n Vinh, Professor Emeritus, University of Michigan

9.     Prof. Nguye^~n –Di`nh Kie^n, University of California, Davis

10.  Prof. Nguye^~n Quy`nh, University of Texas, El Paso

11.  Dr. Ha` Hu+ng Quo^'c, Regional Director of Quality Management, Willamette Industries, Inc., Tulsa

12.  Dr. Tra^`n Qui’ Tha^n, Berkley, CA




1.     Mrs. Nguye^~n Xua^n Vinh

2.     Ms. Pha.m Xua^n Thu

3.     Mr. Nguye^~n Ngo.c Bi'ch


Thursday July 5, 2001 - Morning


Anh Toi and anh Thuy gave welcome remarks. Anh Toi gave a summary of the VNAUP Network. Anh Thuy introduced the meeting schedule. Anh Toi also acknowleged anh Ngo Dinh Thinh and announced that anh Thinh and his wife (chi Van) can not attend the meeting at the last minute because he has a flu and chi Van has a broken foot. Anh Quoc also informed that anh Ddo^~ Ba’ Khe^ cannot attend due to his recent operation. Each participant then gave a self- introduction with background, expertise, and research activities.


Presentation I: Session Chair – Anh Pho’ Ba’ Ha?i


Anh Chung Hoa`ng Chu+o+ng gave a talk entitled: Vietnamese American Studies in California: Current Issues and Perspectives”. His presentation includes the regional Vietnamese population, occupations, and the projection from the past to the future.


Chi Pho’ Tuye^’t Lan presented her research about the role of Southeast Asian Women in Lowell, Mass entitled: “Southeast Asian Women in Lowell: Family Relations, Gender Roles and Community Concerns”.


Anh Vo~ Va(n To+’i presented his work entitled “Computer-Related-Eye-Strain, visual Fatigue and Dry Eye”.


Lunch was held at Ba('c Hu+o+ng Restaurant at the corner of Santa Clara and Seventh Street, about 5 minutes walking from the meeting site. Everyone enjoyed very much the meal.


Thursday July 5, 2001 - Afternoon

Presentation II: Session Chair – Anh Vo~ Va(n To+’i


Anh Nguye^~n Xua^n Vinh gave a talk entitled "In the Twilight of my Career as an Educator"


Anh Tra^`n Qui’ Tha^n on behalf of anh Ddo^? Ba’ Khe^, gave Ha` Hu+ng Quo^’c a warm introduction. Anh Quo^’c presented his recent published book entitled "Kinh Te^' Co^.ng He^." Anh Quoc distributed his book (free) in CD-ROM to all participants. There are still about 20 copies with VNAUP, please send request to anh Thuy or anh Toi if you wish to have one.


Anh Le^ Tro.ng Thu.y gave his presentation titled "Intercommunication Protocol For PC Clusters".


Anh Nguye^~n DDi`nh Kie^n presented his talk entitled "A Novel Solution for Trauma Resuscitation".


To end the day, anh Cao Hu+~u Tri’ presented his work on "A New Approach To High Tech Education."


A Gala Dinner was held at Vu~ng Ta`u Restaurant which is about 10 minutes walking from the meeting site. The food here was excellent.


Friday July 6, 2001 - Morning


Presentation III: Session Chair - Anh Le^ Tro.ng Thu.y


Anh Nguye^~n Quy`nh presented a paper on "Color: Cognition, Perception, Aesthetics and Creativity".


Final Remark


In closing anh Toi gave a brief overview of the first and second annual meetings at Tufts University and University of Quebec, Montreal, respectively. He also distributed the Memorandum of Understanding agreed upon by the participants at the previous meetings for further discussion and suggestion.


Round Table Discussion


Discussion regarding presentations


Chi Tuyet Lan commented that technical papers presented at VNAUP are O.K. and in fact can be in depth; however she suggested that they need to be related to the main theme of Education so that everyone can absorb it. Anh Vinh also suggested that technical papers presented at the VNAUP meeting should be delivered in such a way that everyone could appreciate. Anh Hai then suggested that a guideline for papers and presentations should be established. Anh Tri' then proposed three categories as follows:


·       Education Related Papers

·       Special Project and In-Depth Technical Papers

·       Introduction Notes (Introduction of new members: their research and teaching)


Discussion about the next meeting


·       Potential locations are Boulder (CO) or Virginia/DC areas and the time should be sometime in July. As the VNAUP has a member in Virginia (anh Nguyen Thai Duc) and many members in Washington DC and the East coast it may be an appropriate place; in particular, in the past, anh Duc has offered to organize it.

·       Anh Quynh volunteers to be the liaison person for the next meeting. He mentioned that it does not have to be in Texas. Anh Quynh volunteered to be one of the organizers.

·       Anh Vinh agreed to provide contacts for Boulder, Colorado if the meeting will be held there. Anh Vinh suggested that our annual meeting can open to general public. After some discussions, most participants agreed that this would not be a good idea.


Extension of VNAUP membership to establish partnership with VietHoc


Anh Vinh explained the rational for the consideration of establishing a partnership with Viet Hoc (Westminster, CA):


·       Exploring the concept of partnership by:


-     Letter of Recognition and Invitation

-     Participation in VNAUP Annual Meeting

-     Participation in Projects (if any)


·       There are two propositions on the table


-     Invite Viet Hoc to be partner

-     Change our membership requirements to include scholars in higher education institutions


The participants realized that it is difficult to decide or even discuss this item since many VNAUP members are not at this meeting. It was decided that this item will be circulated among the memberships for discussion and decision. A short discussion about the possibility of having relation with AIDER (Association International pour le Development de L’Education au VN) was taken place.


Futures activities of VNAUP


Anh Thuy suggested that there is a need to have a common project for VNAUP members to work together. A potential project could be creating a database for Vietnamese-American faculty and students, which is part of a Vietnamese-American (Faculty/Student) Study. The participants suggested that anh Thuy will lead the project since he has that “bright idea”.

Meeting adjourned:


The Third Annual Meeting of the VNAUP was adjourned at 12:15 pm. One more time, all participants gathered at Asian Garden Restaurant (3 minutes walking from the meeting site) for the "good bye" lunch.


Contribution to the minute:


Cao Hu+~u Tri’, Le^ Tron.ng Thu.y, Ngo^ DDi`nh Thi.nh, and Vo~ Va(n To+’i