L'Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)

Montréal, Québec, Canada

July 6 - 8, 2000




1.         Prof. Ngo^ Anh Du~ng, Ecole de Technologie Superieure, Montreal, Quebec

2.         Prof. Bu`i Tie^’n –Da.i, Concordia Univ., Montreal

3.         Prof. Nguye^~n Ngo.c –D.inh, Doyen, Faculte des Etudes Superieures, l’Universite Laval, Quebec - Genie Mechanique.

4.         Prof. Nguye^~n Tho. Ha^`u, UQAM, Montreal – Computer Science

5.         Prof. Phan Hoa`ng, UQAM, Montreal - Economics & Management

6.         Prof. Nguye^~n The^’ Hu*ng, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal  – Genie Mecanique

7.         Prof. Tra` Va(n Hu*?u, UQAM, Montreal - Chemistry

8.         Prof. -Dao Hu*?u Le^~, INRS-Energie & Materiaux, Montreal

9.         Prof. Nguye^~n Cao Lie^u, UQAM, Montreal - Computer Science

10.       Prof. Le^ Va(n Ma~o, Concordia Univ., Montreal - Chemistry

11.       Prof. Vo~ Va(n Ta^’n, Sufforlk Univ., Massachusetts - Mathematics

12.       Prof. Tru*o*ng Nguye^n Tha`nh, Univ. of Utah, Utah - Chemistry

13.       Prof. Ngo^ -Di`nh Thi.nh, CSU-Sacramento, California - Mechanical & Aerospace Eng.

14.       Prof. Pha.m Gia Thu., l’Universite de Moncton, Moncton - Mathematics & Statistics

15.       Prof. Nguye^~n Va(n Trung, Univ. of Kansas, Kansas - Chemical Engineering

16.            Prof. Nguye^~n Ky` Toa`n, Universite du Quebec a Trois-Rivieres - Math. & Statistics.

17.            Prof. Vo~ Va(n To*’i, Tufts University, Massachusetts - Biomedical Engineering




1.         Mrs. Bui Tien Dai

2.         Mrs. Nguyen Tho Hau

3.         Mrs Do Huu Le

4.         Mrs. Le Van Mao

5.         Mrs. Ngo Dinh Thinh

6.         Mrs. Pham Gia Thu

7.            Mr. Tru*o*ng Quang –De^., UQAM, Montreal - Doctoral Student in Computer Science

8.         Mr. Nguye^~n Ba(‘c Ha?i, ALCO, Montreal - CEO

9.         Dr. Nguye^~n Tha`nh My~, ADS, Montreal - CEO

10.       Dr. Ho^` Tu*o*`ng Vinh, UQAM, Montreal, Quebec - Post Doctoral Researcher

11.       Mr. Le^ Sy~ Tua^’n, Concordia University, Doctoral Student in Chemistry





Thursday, July 6, 2000  - Morning:  Introduction


a.         Anh Thinh welcomed all colleagues and gave a brief report of the first meeting at Tufts

            University, July 23, 1999. Anh Thu also added his comments about the VNAUP first

            meeting and suggested that we try to make our Network known to all colleagues in North


b.         Anh Hau gave a warm welcome note and thanked everyone for participating this

meeting. Anh Hau also acknowledged  his team members (anh chi Mao, anh Huu, anh Lieu) for organizing successfully this meeting. Anh Hau also acknowledged anh Thu and anh Thinh for their help before the meeting.


c.         Each participant gave a self-introduction, background, experience and research. Similar      to last year meeting, it was interesting to realize that we have a strong group that covers a

wide variety of fields. We spent more time on this part than planned; however, it was very useful for the participants to get to know each other and to share their interests and pre-occupations.


d.         The program allowed a two-hour lunch for participants to enjoy the Jazz Festival which was going on at near by Place des Arts.


Afternoon: Presentation  -    Chair: Anh Nguyen Cao Lieu


a.         Anh Le discussed his opinion about the need to help the young students (in Vietnam and abroad) who will be the future leaders of their countries. Anh Le suggested such program as post doctoral, scholarships, and the participation in the existing programs in France.


b.               Anh Thanh presented his work on a software simulation entitled: "Bridging Spatial and Time Scales".


c.                Anh Mao discussed his research and his discovery in the field of materials science, entitled: "Technology Transfer from the University to the Industry: A Long Way to Go".


d.                Chi Mao and chi Thinh discussed the family life of the "nutty professors". Anh Hau initiated the discussion and suggested that "ca'c chi. tha ho^` to^' ". Afterwards, anh Hoang awarded cac chi "Certificate of Excellence".




            The first day meeting concluded with a dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant, Chez Tam Tam.


Friday, June 7 2000  - Morning Presentation - Chair: Anh Nguyen Cao Lieu


a.                Cac anh Hoang, Thu, va Toi discussed the academic issues. Cac anh offered their experiences and proposed new challenges in the matters related to university teaching

and research.


b.               Anh Trung presented some environmental concerns on imported fuels, entitled: "Proton-Exchange-Membrane Fuel Cells: An Alternative Power Source for the 21st Century".


c.                Anh Vinh presented his post doctoral work at UQAM and his future plan in software engineering.


Lunch Break:  Participants enjoyed 2-hr lunch with Vietnamese foods and Jazz music.


Afternoon Round Table Discussion:


a.                Anh Toi and anh Thinh began the afternoon session with some words of appreciation to cac anh Hau, Lieu, Huu va anh chi Mao for organizing our 2nd annual meeting and for giving us such a warm welcome and a memorable friendship.


b.               Anh Thinh reviewed with the colleagues the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) formulated at the first meeting at Tufts University. The MOU was agreed upon with a couple of minor changes in the wordings. Anh Thinh also projected the Network philosophy (as stated in the MOU) on the screen to reiterate that our VNAUP Network is NOT an association. The VNAUP Network does not have a By Laws nor officers. No activity initiated by an individual member can be done in the name of VNAUP Network.


c.                Anh Thinh presented a few locations in California for the 3rd annual meeting; they are: San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Monterey, San Jose, San Francisco, and Sacramento. After some discussions, San Diego (preferable) and Sacramento were selected. Anh Thinh is going to see if there's any colleague at CSU, San Diego or UC San Diego who is willing to organize the meeting. Otherwise, the 3rd annual meeting will be held at CSU, Sacramento.


d.                Location for the 4th annual meeting was also discussed. University of Utah (Utah) and Old Dominion University (Virginia) were proposed. Texas and Florida were also mentioned.


e.                The rest of the afternoon was used for the participants to present their project and to seek collaboration from other members.


Saturday, July 9, 2000 – Visit to Quebec City (2.5-hr drive from Montreal)


Eleven members arrived Quebec City around 11 am. Anh Dinh (Dean of Graduate Studies) gave a guided tour of Laval University after giving an overview of the University and its academic environment. During the tour , anh Dinh indicated a location which has been approved by the University to be placed a statue of Mr. Nguyen Trai. After the tour, we had lunch at Thien Kim restaurant well known for “ca’ kho to^.” in the quarter of l’Ancienne Lorette. The visit to Chutes Montmorency  was fun. Anh Hoang played his flute along the bridge above the falls. His “tie^’ng sa’o thie^n thai” mixed with the sound of water falls and the laughing “khuc’ khi’ch” of chi Mao who walked behind him with his hat open for donation. Before leaving, anh Hoang exibited a “tai chi” demo describing the 12 beautiful birds. Each bird represents a characteristic nature in the Viet culture. It was beautiful. Our last stop was Village Royal and Old Quebec City with the famous Chateau Frontenac looking over Saint Laurent River.  It was 6:30 pm, we decided to head back to Montreal for dinner. At 11:30 pm in the parking lot of Chinese Restaurant Jing Hua (in Brossard) we said good bye and see you guys in Cali next year.















Tufts University (July 24, 1999)

L’University du Quebec a Montreal (Rev. July 7, 2000 – in italic)


  1. NAME:


The name of the network is  The Vietnamese North-American University Professors (VNAUP) Network. The membership includes only professors, lecturers, higher education administrators, and professors emeritus, who have a full-time appointment at a college or university in North America.




a.                To promote mutual social relationship

b.               To promote mutual professional assistance including research collaboration, sabbatical opportunities, etc…

c.                To promote the sharing of academic and professional information.




a.                The VNAUP Network is dedicated to the higher education in North America. The VNAUP Network also pays concern to the higher education of other countries in the world.

b.               The VNAUP Network is an inter/multi-disciplinary Network.

c.                No activity initiated by an individual member can be done in the name of VNAUP Network.

d.               The VNAUP Network takes no political stand.




a.                The members will communicate through a restricted email list (i.e., only members can receive and post messages) managed by Professor Vo Van Toi, Tufts Univ.


b.               The official web-site of the VNAUP Network is developed and maintained by Professor Vo Van Toi in conjunction with Professor Ngo Dinh Thinh, CSU-Sacramento and Professor Nguyen Quang Truong, Boston U. Included among the items on the web-site are: updated list of members and their academic affiliations, student affairs sections addressing scholarships, job opportunities, teaching and research assistantships, etc…


c.                To achieve the objective and philoshophy of the VNAUP Network, the participants agree to seek the sponsorship of existing professional societies and associations in North America such as the American Association of Higher Education (AAHE), the American Association of University Professors (AAUP), and others.


d.                The VNAUP Network will organize annual meetings for its members and guests.