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  Visual and Critical Studies Faculty

Noit Banai: History & Theory of the Avant-Garde, 20th Century Art, Post-War Art in Europe and the Americas, Contemporary Art, Theories and Methods.

Hilary Binda: English Renaissance, Critical Theory, Poetry, and Gender and Sexuality in Literature (Teaches for the English Program)

Silvia Bottinelli: Italian contemporary art; sculpture and site-specific art.

Jim Dow: Photography, History of Photography, Contemporary Art (Department Chair)

Emily Gephart: North American and modern art and visual culture (Visiting faculty)

Eulogio Guzmán: Art of the Ancient Americas, Architecture of Ancient and Colonial Mexico, Contemporary Central American Art

Diane O'Donoghue: Asian Art History and Archaeology, Theories of Art and Representation

Tina Wasserman: Cinema Studies, Film and Media Theory, and Visual Culture Studies

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