Urban + Environmental Policy + Planning
Student Profile
Jonathan Diaz
B.S., Environmental Sustainability, Health, and Safety, Rochester Institute of Technology, 2014.
Field(s) of Study
Equity, Democracy, and Sustainable Development
Experience Before UEP
Research Assistant, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Rochester, NY.
Environmental, Health, and Safety, Ariel Corporation, Mt. Vernon, OH.
“UEP’s curriculum offers the flexibility to translate theory into practice both in and out of the classroom. The proximity to Boston and other institutions of higher learning allow for tremendous networking and opportunities. The faculty are and have been involved throughout the Greater Boston area promoting a lens of justice and civic engagement in the program.”
About SPA
In spring 2001, a group of UEP students formed the Student Planning & Policy Association (SPA, formerly SPPA). In 2012, students were interested in updating the organization and shortened the acronym to SPA to match UEP's brand.

The mission of SPA is to help broaden students' knowledge of urban and environmental planning and policy issues on a local, regional and national scale. SPA does this through organizing activities that are open to all UEP students. The group emphasizes that its goals and outreach efforts embrace all the various "disciplines" housed within UEP.

Overall, SPA seeks to provide a forum for activities that promote awareness of current trends and issues in urban and environmental policy and planning. A secondary (but very important) goal of SPA is to engage students in social events that enhance student life.

In addition to officers, there are also three committees to help organize SPA's activities and functions. The committees are Social, Professional, and New Student/Alumni Engagement.

More Information

For information on yearly activities, monthly meetings, upcoming events, and ways to get involved, or to contact SPA, visit the SPA Facebook page.