Urban + Environmental Policy + Planning

We offer students the opportunity of earning a joint or dual degree with a number of other departments and schools at Tufts, and with Boston College. These are available only to students in the M.A. program.

A joint degree consists of one master's degree awarded by two graduate departments when a student meets the core master's requirements of both departments. A student may submit one application to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences for the joint degree option. Departments participating in joint degree programs with UEP are:

A dual degree consists of two master's degrees awarded for work done in distinct disciplines by two schools of Tufts University, or Boston College. UEP has dual degree programs with: Students electing a dual degree option must be accepted by both departments/school and are expected to meet the requirements set by each program. Students wishing to pursue a dual degree must submit a separate application for each school and check off the dual degree option.
Application procedures for each combined and dual degree program are detailed on the sub-pages linked above.