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Tufts Summer Study Programs

Summer precollege programs for high school students


Tufts Summer Writing Program

The Tufts Summer Writing Program provides a distinctive forum for your writerly endeavors. Using texts and film, you'll learn to navigate the relationship between writer and reader, and develop critical literary skills. Learn more.


Foundations of Law & Ethics

A lively and provocative course centering on jurisprudence, history, philosophy, and practice.  It considers the impact biological and psychological sciences in legal issues, especially around guilt and punishment. Learn more.


Health Science Honors

Learn about the philosophy and practice of medicine. Health Science Honors will give you experience in physical examination skills and diagnostic reasoning and show you firsthand the specialized procedures in diagnostic imaging, invasive cardiology, and general surgery. Learn more. 


Bioinformatics Inquiry through Sequencing (BIOSEQ)

Experience the excitement of completing molecular biology and genetic laboratory techniques, work with a next-generation DNA sequencer, and use advanced computer technology to gather and make sense of the information you encounter.  Learn more.


College Courses for Seniors

Exclusively for high school students graduating in 2017. For six weeks you will be a member of the larger Tufts community, taking one or two Tufts University courses for academic credit. You can choose to explore a new subject - philosophy, economics, or engineering, or you can choose a favorite subject you want to delve into more deeply, such as math, a foreign language, science, or drama. Learn more.