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Tufts Summer Study

Summer precollege programs for high school students

Summers Make a Difference

At Tufts Summer Study, you have an opportunity to challenge and stretch yourself in new ways, while getting a head start on your college career. Do something this summer that will enhance your college application and add distinction to your educational background!

Prepare for What Lies Ahead

You may or you may not know where you want to attend college or what your major will be. Tufts Summer Study can help. Through four enrollment options, you can catch a glimpse of what college life is like, investigate a possible major, and earn college credit that can be transferred later. 

Take the Tufts Summer Study Challenge

Tufts University is recognized as a premier institution in the U.S. Faculty are mentors and counselors, as well as highly regarded teachers and researchers. Each Tufts summer professor provides top notch instruction in small, intimate settings. Students consistently remark that study at Tufts in the summer is a cherished highlight in their college careers.

Other Tufts Summer Study benefits include:

  • Affordable tuition
  • Financial assistance for students with financial need
  • Free college prep activities
  • Full access to Tufts libraries, computer labs, athletic facilities
  • College credit options for high school graduates in 2017