Past Events from 1998-1999

  1. Picnic to Boston Common
  2. Candlelight vigil by the Canon for Coming Out Day.
  3. Coming Out Day rally on Campus Center Patio
  4. Blue Jeans Day
  5. Poetry reading by Letta Nealey in Oxfam Cafe
  6. Cinema-Burst Dance in Hotung
  7. Ma Vie En Rose movie screening with Film Series
  8. National Freedom to Marry Day cake-cutting ceremony in the Campus Center
  9. "Rally against Hate" in response to a gay-related hate crime.
  10. USA and world maps located in the Campus Center for students to put a pin on their hometowns to show support for LGBT civil rights around the world.
  11. Leslea Newman, lesbian Jewish author, discussed her controversial book "Heather Has Two Mommies," and did a reading of "A Letter to Harvey Milk."

Last updated on April 12, 1999. Contact Carl if you have any questions.