Wednesday, April 9, 2003


Thank you for participating in the Day of Silence. Your help is crucial to the success of the day. Here are some guidelines and ideas to help you during the Day of Silence, Wednesday, April 9, 2003.

bulletBe reasonable. If you have a job, exam, discussion class, or anything else that requires speaking, please speak. The Day of Silence is not about interrupting normal business, itís about creating awareness of anti-LGBT harassment and abuse. If you need to speak, you might consider other ways of continuing your participation, such as stating your support of the Day of Silence and those participating.
bulletRemember to be as silent as possible when you meet people around campus or wherever you go during the day. Make people aware of your participation by pointing to your sticker and giving people your "speaking cards."
bulletGive "speaking cards" to all your professors even if it is a class in which you would not normally speak.
bulletCarry pen and paper with you to facilitate non-verbal communication.
bulletIf you are harassed attempt to resolve the conflict non-verbally and give them a speaking card, but if your safety is threatened act rationally and speak as needed, know how to get help and be safe.
bulletThe next day explain to people you encountered why you participated in the Day of Silence.

We will be at a table in the Mayer Campus Center during the day to hand out materials, including additional stickers and speaking cards in case you run out. If you need help during the day you can stop by the campus center, or the LGBT Center (located at 226 College Ave Ė at the corner of Talbot Ave & College Ave). If you have an emergency contact TUPD at (617) 627-3030.

And donít forget about the exciting events planned for the evening!
6:00 PM
: Join us on the Tisch Library Roof for a rally to break the silence.
8:00 PM
: See Latina lesbian comedian Marga Gomez perform in Barnum 008

THANKS AGAIN! We truly appreciate your support. The Day of Silence would not be effective without you and your participation!


If you have any comments or questions feel free to contact Jonah Keough at, or the LGBT Center at (617) 627-3770 or


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