TTLGBC: Tufts Transgender, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Collective

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Approved: Monday, November 18, 2002

Tufts Transgender Lesbian Gay Bisexual Collective (TTLGBC) Constitution

Article I: Mission

The Tufts Transgender Lesbian Gay Bisexual Collective or TTLGBC provides a safe and welcoming forum for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender students and allies, to discuss issues surrounding sexual orientation, gender identity, and diversity, and to promote awareness of these issues in the Tufts community and beyond. The group serves as a general forum for dialogue and discussion, community support, social interaction, and political organizing

Article II. Membership
Membership will be open to any undergraduate member of the
Tufts community who has paid the Student Activities fee. To become an official member of TTLGBC, a participant must attend three meetings during the semester.

Article III. Meetings
Meetings shall be held on a weekly basis during the academic year and are open to all Tufts undergraduate students who wish to attend. Meeting attendees and discussions are held in strict confidentiality to respect the privacy of the individuals in attendance. At the onset of each semester, TTLGBC will hold a general interest meeting.

Article IV. Officers and Elections
Section 1. Co-Coordinators
TTLGBC shall have two to three elected co-coordinators. The co-coordinators serve as the leaders of the group and are responsible for all aspects of the group include financial records. The co-coordinators shall also make themselves available to all members of the Tufts community.

Section 2. The TCU Senate Culture Representative
There shall also be a TCU senate cultural representative elected each year to represent the TTLGBC and the interests of the Tufts queer community to the student government

Section 3. Elections
TTLGBC will hold elections once year at the end of the spring semester for the co-coordinators and the culture representative. Any member of TTLGBC can run for an office. Nominations are to take place in the meeting prior to the elections. The nomination must be presented and seconded by two members of TTLGBC. The TTLGBC culture representative must be elected prior to the election of the TCU Senate President. A two-thirds majority vote of TTLGBC members present at the elections meeting is required to elect officers.

Section 4. Vacancies
In the event that an officer resigns or an office becomes vacant during the year, the group may choose to elect a new officer. The voting procedures will be the same as those mentioned above requiring a two-thirds majority vote by voting members. The group is not required to elect a new co-coordinator if two of them are remaining. But if only one co-coordinator remains or if the senate culture representative position becomes vacant, the group must elect a replacement. There should always be one senate culture representative and at least two co-coordinators.

Section 5. Impeachments
If a co-coordinator is in gross violation of their responsibilities, including fiscal mismanagement, the group can take a vote on whether or not to begin impeachment proceedings. This vote will require a simple majority and a discussion will follow about the violations and impeachment. Members can also request the co-coordinator leave the room after they has been given an opportunity to speak in their own defense. A vote shall take place at the following meeting, requiring a two-thirds majority to impeach and remove the officer. Nominations to elect a new officer will occur directly following a removal, if necessary.

Section 6. Quorum
A quorum is established as long as the meeting is held at the regularly scheduled day and time, with sufficient advertising of the elections.

Article VI. Duties of Officers
Section 1. The co-coordinators will distribute all responsibilities amongst themselves so as they all have equal share in the running of the organization.

Section 2. List of responsibilities
A. Publicity - Presiding over all meetings and facilitation of publications of TTLGBC meetings and events.
B. Education - Through the direction of the LGBT Center's program TEAM Q (Teaching Educating and Mentoring Queers), facilitate TTLGBC's appearance in explorations, classes, and public forums.
C. Treasury - Keep all financial records in order, and prepare the yearly budget for TTLGBC.
D. Political - Organize events to promote awareness within the Tufts community.

Article VII. Amendments
Any member of TTLGBC may propose amendments to the constitution. The amendment must be passed by a two-thirds vote of present TTLGBC members at a following meeting. The amendments must be in compliance with the TCU constitution and approved by the TCU Judiciary.



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