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Research Team

Principal Investigators
M. Ann Easterbrooks, Principal Investigator
Rebecca Fauth, Principal Investigator
Jessica Goldberg, Principal Investigator
Francine Jacobs, Principal Investigator
Jayanthi Mistry, Principal Investigator
Research Assistants / Analysts
Katie Aasland, Research Analyst
Melissa Colon, Research Analyst
Rachel Katz, Research Analyst
Meera Menon, Research Analyst
Veronica Mingo, Research Analyst
Danyel Moosmann, Project Manager
Lauren Stargel, Research Analyst
Postdoctoral Scholars
Mariah Contreras, Postdoctoral Scholar
Chie Kotake, Postdoctoral Scholar
Jessica Greenstone Winestone, Postdoctoral Scholar
Visiting Scholar
Rachel Chazan Cohen, Visiting Scholar
Lori Deluca, Project Administrator and Accountant