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Click on the links below to check out what was going on in TDC before you were in it. Unfortunately, we do not have all of the programs dating back to the first show (which dates back to sometime in the 70s), so if you are an alumnae (or just happen to have an old TDC program that we don't, Email us!) Needless to say, TDC has changed quite a bit over time.
(All shows are listed in their original program order.)

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Tufts Dance Collective presents: "4.18.08" - April 18 ,  2008
Title Song(s) - Artist(s) Choreographer(s)
Monday Nights Are Theme Party Nights Take On Me - A-Ha & Another Night - Real McCoy Jeremy Adler and Mika Green
Because Of The Pussycats Because of You - Ne-Yo & Buttons - the Pussycat Dolls Jennie Davis and Danielle Ferguson
Bouncing On That Kryptonite Bounce That - Girltalk Hillary Cohen and Stephanie Gold
Say It Right Say It Right - Nelly Furtado Jessica Snow
Struck By You Paralyzer - Finger Eleven Shannon Connelly and Li Mei Yonekura
Womandance Good Vibrations - Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch Nikki Bruce, Alissa Marturano and Jenny Utoh
Awakening (Guest Act - Sarabande) Gymnopedies #3 - Satie  & I Love NYE - Badly Drawn Boy Phoebe Pickering
Exclusively Squirtles In The Morning So Exclusive - M-Flo  & In The Morning - Junior Boys Matt Chan and Andrew Sharp
Disobedient Compliance Sit Down, Stand Up - Radiohead Sara Jackson
Bosom Buddies Brimful Of Asha (Fatboy Slim Remix) - Cornershop Jen Bokoff and Allison Kornstein
It Burns!!!! Fuego - Pitbull & Ella No Te Quiere - Cubanitos Brendon Providence and Lauren Schliesmann
Oh, We'll Defy Them Alright... Sexx Laws - Beck Matt DiPierro and Molly McCann
The Hipshakers La Tortura - Shakira Stefanie Koenig and Cecilia Pontoriero
Where's Your Thing At?!?! Where's Your Head At? , Do Your Thing!! - Basement Jaxx John Chiosi, Pam Teixeira and Tracy Van Tassel
Boots With Fur Low - Flo Rida & Feedback - Janet Jackson & Run da Show - Kat DeLuna Bianca Collymore
Save Britney and Jacko My Prerogative - Britney Spears & Scream - Michael and Janet Jackson Christine D'Aguillo and Jessie laws
It's Experimental..... Too  Young - Phoenix Adrian Anderson and Claire Pigula
Guest Act- TURBO TURBO's Special Blend TURBO
Guest Act - TBT (Tufts Burlesque Troupe) Meet Me in the Red Room  - Moulin Rouge Jessica Snow
Shake It All Night Long Roller Coast of Love - Red Hot Chili Peppers & Shook Me All Night Long - AC/DC Erica Shipow
Too Hot For Rehab Tears Dry on their Own - Amy Winehouse Kira Doar
Are You Not Entertained? Southern Fried Intro - Ludacris & I Wanna Love You - Akon ft. Snoop Dogg & There They Go - Fort Minor ft. Sixx John John Hoopes and Matt Horner
Not For The Faint Of Heart.... Glass Danse - the Faint Steve Constantino and Amelia Sinkin
You Look Like You Could Use A Stiff One Ladies Choice - Hairspray Mary von Rueden and Josh Wilmoth
Tufts Dance Collective Executives: Co-Directors: Adrian Anderson & Matt DiPierro; Treasurer: Steve Constantino; Publicity: Brendon Providence; Communications: Li Mei Yonekura

Tufts Dance Collective presents: "Off The Clock" - Dec 8,  2007
Title Song(s) - Artist(s) Choreographer(s)
Symphony in E Flat And She Was, Love Building on Fire, Psycho Killer - The Talking Heads Rachel Machta and Maia Kolchin-Miller
Won't Go Home Without You Won't Go Home Without You - Maroon 5 Diana Barry
That..That.. Dude Looks Like a Lady! Walk This Way, Dude Looks Like a Lady - Aerosmith Deborah Bamel and Jenny Rose
Obtuse Quadrilaterals Oh Timbaland - Timabland & Apologize - Timbaland feat. OneRepublic Sara Jackson and Lauren Schliesmann
Fego's Cephalopod and Friends The Seed 2.0 - The Roots & Numb/Encore - Jay-Z feat. Linkin Park Matt Chan, Howard Hsu and Andrew Zappala
A Pirate Dance Will and Elizabeth - Klaus Badelt & He's a Pirate - Klaus Badelt, Redtop and Sneaky Pete & Yo, Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me) Stephanie Kreutz
Conjoined at the Tongue (Guest Act - Sarabande) Desparate Guys - The Faint Rachel Zar
Pump the Whine! Whine Up - Kat DeLuna & Pump It - Black Eyed Peas Aliza Bach and Bianca Collymore
No, Not That Dashboard Dashboard - Modest Mouse Adrian Anderson and Molly McCann
Not as Angsty as it Sounds Break Myself by Something Corporate Kira Doar
Dhoom!!! Dhoom Again - Dhoom 2 Soundtrack Brendon Providence
JOCK JAMS!!! The Jock Jam Megamix - ESPN John Chiosi and Tracy Van Tassel
Period 1 Period 1:The Queen & I - Gym Class Heroes Julie Kaviar
I Could Be Your Girlfriend Girlfriend - Avril Lavigne Julia Miller and Christine Mumma
The Way "We" Is The Way I Are - Timbaland feat. Keri Hilson and D.O.E Rachel Rosenberg and Laura Sherman
Hold Back The Night Hold Back The Night - Sinead O'Connor MaryKate Schmermund
Never Stop The Insanity Heist - Bend Folds & Virtual Insanity - Jamiroquai Li Mei Yonekrua and Medi Posner
Let's Dance Let's Dance - Vanessa Hudgens Jyll Saskin
Well....It's Complicated Supermassive Black Hole - Muse Steve Constantino and Amelia Sinkin
Jane Fonda Doesn't Feel like Dancing Jane Fonda - Mickey Avalon & I Don't Feel Like Dancing - Scissor Sisters Erica Shipow
Guest Act - B.E.A.T.S. Whatever they decide to band out B.E.A.T.S.
Guest Act -TURBO TURBO's Special Blend TURBO
Uninvited Uninvited - Alanis Morissette Jessica Snow
MANDANCE!!! Right Here Right Now, Weapon of Choice, The Rockafeller Skank - Fatboy Slim Matt Dipierro and Andrew Sharp
Tufts Dance Collective Executives: Dance CEOs: Adrian Anderson & Matt DiPierro; Payroll Supervisor: Steve Constantino; Public Relations/Tech Support: Brendon Providence; Office Secretary: Li Mei Yonekura

Tufts Dance Collective presents: "Will You Dance With My Friend" - April 21, 2007
Title Song(s) - Artist(s) Choreographer(s)
This Ain't a Scene This Ain't a Scene - Fall Out Boy Carly Burdick and Julie Kaviar
Dance With Me Break It Off - Dance with me & Rihanna feat. Sean Paul Hillary Gold, Victoria Gan and Amanda Schneider
thedancewithallthecoolkidsinit. The End of Medicine - The New Pornographers Rachel Machta and Maia Kolchin-Miller
London London - Smoke City Bistra Solakova
OK Go! Here It Goes Again - OK Go Shannon Connelly, Steve Constantino and Erin Young
Banquet Banquet - Bloc Party Howard Hsu and Andrew Zappala
Gotta Get Through This (Guest Act - Sarabande) I Gotta Get Through This (acoustic version) - Daniel Bedingfield Kat Maus
There's no stopping us! Don't Stop Me Now - Queen Deborah Bamel and Diana Barry
Girl, Why you do me like that? Wait a Minute - Pussycat Dolls Mika Green and Allison Lau
Got so funk-influcted, it's a crime Sly - The Cat Empire Matt DiPierro and Claire Pigula
We've Got Happy Feet! Hit Me Up - Gia Farrell & Song of the Heart - Prince Sarah Kohnstamm and Nicky Wong
Headlock [in a box] Headlock - Imogen Heap Meredith Posner and Lauren Haertlein
Wildcat's Pep Rally Get'cha Head in the Game (remix) - High School Musical Susie Hammar, Mary von Rueden, Joshua Wilmoth
7th grade breakdown (Guest Act - TURBO) TURBO's Special Blend TURBO
Operation: TDC Freedom Bombs Over Baghdad - Outkast & Harder, Better, Fast, Stronger - Daft Punk Adrian Anderson and Molly McCann
Get On Top Get On Top - Red Hot Chili Peppers Liz Parker and Jessica Snow
Spin of the Wheel You Know My Name - Chris Cornell Lora Lingrey
Dun-Dun Gone Daddy Gone - Gnarls Barkley Audrey Raboin and Brendon Providence
A Little Love at Caesar's The Diner Song - State Radio Jenny Rose and Laura Santel
Diego in the street Como Ves - Ozamatli Becky Hayes, Nithya Nathan and Anamaria Vizcaino
Any Way You Want To Bone Any Way You Want It - Journey & Bad to the Bone - The Destroyers Ona Balkus and Kara Davidson
Pop My Cork Tonight Hey, Big Spender - Chicago & Out Tonight - Rent Stephanie Kreutz and Elena Vanko
Mandance N Sync medley Bill Bettinelli, Matt Horner and Nick Wong
Tufts Dance Collective Executives: Middle School Dance Supervisors: Sarah Kohnstamm and Nick Wong; The "Token" Popular Girl: Becky Hayes; Lunch Money Bully: Adrian Anderson; So Hot Right Now: Matt DiPierro


Tufts Dance Collective presents: "Garage Sale" - December 9, 2006
Title Song(s) - Artist(s) Choreographer(s)
Come on TDC Come on Eileen - Save Ferris Erica Shipow
Step Up Show Me the Money - Petey Pablo; Step Up - Samantha Jade Victoria Gan and Hillary Goldy
Guest Act - Sarabande How to Save a Live - The Fray Erin Young
You Rock My Socks What I Like About You - The Ramones Sara Jackson and Audrey Raboin
And All That Jazz Overture - Chicago; Hot Honey Rag - Fosse Stephanie Kreutz
The Stuff That You Want: Whitney Medley I Wanna Dance With Somebody; Queen of the Night - Whitney Houston Nikki Bruce
Dancing As She Goes Steady as She Goes - The Rancateurs Lora Lingrey
More Lambchop Limp - Fiona Apple Jessica Snow
Beckdance Girl - Beck Matt DiPierro and Molly McCann
Director's Cut A Little Less Conversation (JXL Remix) - Elvis Presley Sarah Kohnstamm and Nick Wong
Do Your Thang Honey! Ain't No Other Man - Christina Aguilera Mika Green and Allison Lau
Forget Girls Tonight Guys, I Just Wanna Dance Tell Me Baby - Red Hot Chili Peppers Matt Horner, Brendon Providence, and Nick Wong
Start Wearing Purple Start Wearing Purple - Gogol Bordello Bistra Solakova
Double "O" Sevens Bond Theme - Moby Liz Parker
Guest Act - TURBO Turbo's Special Blend Adam Chu
So Much Hottness in the Air In the Air Tonight - Nonpoint Kira Doar and Susie Hammar
Chickacherrycola I Want You - Savage Garden Adrian Anderson and Claire Pigula
I Look Behind You And It Rained All Night - Thom Yorke Sara Jackson
Save a Horse, Ride a Mouse Take the Lead - Bone Thugs 'N Harmony feat. Wisin and Yandel Matt Chan and Becky Hayes
Tufts Dance Collective Executives: Garage Sale Supervisors: Sarah Kohnstamm and Nick Wong; Neighborhood Sign Distributor: Becky Hayes; Lockbox Guardian: Adrian Anderson; Neighborhood Gimp: Matt DiPierro


Tufts Dance Collective presents: "Make You Sweat" - April 22, 2006
Title Song(s) - Artist(s) Choreographer(s)
Let's Break Some Hearts This is How A Heart Breaks - Rob Thomas Sarah Kohnstamm and Alex Kramer (K^2!)
One Band, One Sound! Sir Duke - Stevie Wonder Beverly Tseng and Thuy Le
Hip Hop Anonymous I Like That - Houston Ray Chang
The Phantoms of TDC The Phantom of the Opera - Me First and the Gimme Gimmes Ilenna Elman
Please Don't Turn Me On Please Don't Turn Me On - Artful Dodger Bill Bettinelli and Sarasa Poduval
Sick Lapdance You Make Me Sick - Pink; Lap Dance - N.E.R.D. Kira Doar and Suzie Hammar
Turbo Halloween (Guest Act - Turbo) I Believe in Miracles - Jackson 5; Life of the Party - ? Members of Turbo
Tantric Lebanese Blonde - Thievery Corporation; Breakdown - Tantric Cassidy Morris and Julia Rozovsky
Sharp-Dressed (Wo)man Sharp-Dressed Man - ZZ Top Hilary Glazer
Fire! (Guest Act - La Salsa) Can I Walk By - Jazze Pha David Shein and Erika Gerber
Millions of Peaches Peaches - Presidents of the United States of America Sara Jackson and Erica Shipow (Sarica)
Confessional Choreographers Hung Up - Madonna Luke Brown and Shail Ghaey
Sway me More Sway - Michael Buble Sam Stiegler-Buble
Squids of Darkness I Believe in a Thing Called Love - The Darkness Meg Simpson and Danica Curavic
Yay Mandance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Angel - Massive Attack (Intro); Smooth Criminal - Alien Ant Farm; Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson Steve Leichman and Adrian Anderson
Counting Down the Hours Counting Down the Hours - Ted Leo and the Pharmacists Lora Lingrey
"Holy Crap...We Need A Name for our Dance?" - Jesse No No - Amuro Namie; Shake - Ying Yang Twins; Hotline - Ciara Kyle Pong
Renegade (Guest Act - Sarabande) Renegade - Styx Maggie Brunner
My Body Roll Makes the Whole Front Row Faint with Lust and Desire! Wonderful Night (Wonderful Nightclub Remix) - Fatboy Slim Chris Healey and Steve Leichman
I'm So Excited! I'm So Excited - The Pointer Sisters Kate Kreindler and Lilly Risch
Footloose Footloose - Kenny Loggins Joyce Rollor and Guergana Petkova
Blaze-A-Blaze Sunshowers, Galang, and Fire Fire - M.I.A. Becky Hayes and Myrlene Richard
Ride My Carpet Magic Carpet Ride - Steppenwolf; Magic Carpet Ride - Steppenwolf feat. Philip Steir Matt DiPierro and Molly McCann
Tufts Dance Collective Executive Sweat-ees: Sweat Directors: Steve Leichman and Sam Stiegler; Buys Clothes we Sweat In: Alex Kramer; Designs Clothes we Sweat In: Meg Simpson; Communication Specialist/Brunch Master: Sarah Kohnstamm


Tufts Dance Collective presents: "Under Construction" - December 10, 2005
Title Song(s) - Artist(s) Choreographer(s)
Cakedance Never There - Cake Matt DiPierro, Molly McCann
It's Goin' Down It's Goin' Down - Linkin Park and The Executioners; Next Episode (Bhangra Remix) - Punjabi MC; Like I Love You - Justin Timberlake Chris Healey, Amanvir Chahal
¡Hey, mi música! Represent Cuba - Orishas feat. Heather Headley Erica Shipow
Modern Kicks Modern Kicks - The Exploding Hearts Bev Tseng and Thuy Le
Guest Act: Sarabande - Don't Let Me be Misunderstood Don't Let Me be Misunderstood - Santa Esmerelda Brienne Graber
Move Your Feet Only You - Captain Jack; Move Your Feet - Junior Senior Sara Kaplan, Kara Davidson
Street Slidin' Holiday - Green Day Rachel Barbarisi, Lora Lingrey
You have not been Paying Attention 2+2=5 - Radiohead Sara Jackson
Straight Up Straight Up - Paula Abdul Hilary Glazer, Margaret Hunter
Better not Kill the Groove Murder on the Dance Floor - Sophie Ellis Baxtor Shail Ghaey, Luke Brown
Good Luck Good Luck - Basement Jaxx feat. Lisa Kekaula Cassidy Morris, Alex Kramer, Julia Rozovsky
We Used to be Friends We Used to be Friends - The Dandy Warhols Meg Simpson, Danica Curavic
Goldfingerdigger - 26 Karat 99 Red Balloons - Goldfinger; Gold Digger - Kanye West Sarah Kohnstamm, Adrian Anderson, Clara Robinson
Redneck Woman Redneck Woman - Gretchen Wilson Kate Kreindler, Lilly Risch
Punk Rock Princess Punk Rock Princess - Something Corporate Ilenna Elman
Guest Act: Turbo Fuel Injected - Swollen Members Members of Turbo
Etre une Femme Etre une Femme - Anggun Divya Arora, Sarasa Poduval
Mandance '05: What We Came to Do (A B-Boy/Ninja Gang War in Technicolor - A Leichang Production) Kimosabe - BT and Wildchild; Ogre Stage - Tekken Tag Tournament Ray Chang, Steve Leichman 
Feelin' Good Feeling Good - Michael Buble Kira Doar
We'll Jerk it out Together Jerk it Out - Caesar's Palace Samulia Stieglozovsky (Sam Stiegler, Julia Rozovsky)
Tufts Dance Collective Head Contractors: Lead Project Inspectors: Steve Leichman and Sam Stiegler; Buys our Hard Hats: Alex Kramer; Public Works: Meg Simpson; Communication Specialist/Brunch Master: Sarah Kohnstamm


Tufts Dance Collective presents: "Shakin' not Stirred" - April 28, 2005

Title Song(s) - Artist(s) Choreographer(s)
J-A-M to the M-A-X Jam - Michael Jackson Alex Kramer, Julie Wlodinguer
All Stars Banu Choshech Leagresh and Allstars - Subliminal Becky Hayes
Check Us Out...No Seriously...Check Us OUT!!! Renegade Master - Wildchild; Drop it like it's Hot - Snoop Dogg Chris Healey, Steve Leichman
Mating and Dating The Bad Touch - The Bloodhound Gang Arielle Jacobs, Heather Terkla, Megan White
Guest Act: Sarabande Roxanne - Moulin Rouge Soundtrack Laura Espy
Something or Other Somebody Told Me - The Killers Cecilia Dos Santos
I'm Blue Da Ba Dee Blue Monday - Orgy Arielle Jacobs, Anna Kantha
Beauty in the Breakdown Let Go - Frou Frou Alex Kramer, Julia Rozovsky
I Want You to Rock Me I Want You to Rock Me - Vixen Hilary Glazer, Margaret Hunter
Class Warfare (Guest Act: Turbo) ? - ? Members of Turbo
Senior Dance Needs a Good Title Bye, Bye, Bye - *NSync Cecilia Dos Santos, Sarah Gray, Lisa Schupmann, Julie Wlodinguer
Espionage Thé a la Menthe - Nikkfurie Cecilia Dos Santos, Sarah Gray
Shiver Me Badd All 4 Love - Color Me Badd; Shiver - Maroon 5 Steve Leichman, Sam Stiegler
Paradise City Paradise City - Guns N' Roses Perrin LaPlante
Walk Like an Egyptian Walk Like an Egyptian - The Bangles Meg Simpson, Stephanie Upson
Keeping it 'Reel' (Guest Act: Irish Step Dancers) Mountains of Pomeroy - Bradley Brothers; Cry of the Celts - Ronan Hardiman Maegen Bradley, Kathleen Bohan, Kerry Thornton
W.O.E. World of Entertainment - Jurassic 5 Chelsea Leruth, Dave Starr
Killing Me Softly Killing Me Softly - The Fugees Marilyn Barry, Emily Cerveira, Julie Schwarz
Just Blaze React - Erick Sermon and Redman Sarah Gray, Julie Wlodinguer
Maria Maria - Ricky Martin Kristen Johannessen
35mm PVC Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand Lisa Schupmann
Tufts Dance Collective Exec Board: Co-Directors: Lisa Schupmann and Cecilia Dos Santos; Moneymaker: Julie Wlodinguer; PR: Stephanie Upson; What's Shakin': Steve Leichman


Tufts Dance Collective presents: "Traffic Jam" - December 11, 2004
Title Song(s) - Artist(s) Choreographer(s)
Fender Bender: The Jam (Choreographer's Dance) Space Jam - Quad City DJs TDC's Police Force
Get Over It Get Over It - OK Go Stephanie Upson, Meg Simpson
Criminal Criminal - Fiona Apple Sarah Gray
The Underground Nobody's Listening and Session - Linkin Park Lisa Schupmann
Rockin' Out (Guest Act: B.E.A.T.S.) Organized Jamming Members of B.E.A.T.S.
Where Your Goodies At? Goodies - Ciara (feat. Petey Pablo) Kyle Pong
It's Alright 'Cuz It's Saturday Night We Just Trying to Stay Alive - Wyclef Jean Arielle Jacobs, Anna Kantha
Suckawho? Save the Fool - SuckaBrown Cecilia Dos Santos, Julie Wlodinguer
Natural Blues (Guest Act: Sarabande) Natural Blues - Moby Laura Espy
My Way Usher - My Way Sarah Gray, Julie Wlodinguer
Tina Does Tufts Nutbush City Limits - Tina Turner Julie Wlodinguer
Jump to the Jam Boogie-Woogie Jam Slam Cantaloop - Us3 Steve Leichman
Never Felt this Way Never Felt this Way - Alicia Keys Marilyn Barry, Emily Cerveira
Showdown (Guest Act: Turbo) ? - ? Members of Turbo
Granny Granny - Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds Perrin LaPlante
Ties vs. Suspenders...Ties Win Another One Bites the Dust - Queen Cecilia Dos Santos, Alex Kramer
Nice Bum, Where Ya From? Come Out and Play - The Offspring Heather Terkla, Megan White
Es Un Escándalo In These Shoes - Kristy McCall Smita Deshmukh, Rebecca Hayes, Sarah Licht
Redburger Cheesebull: Reloaded Ch-Check It Out - The Beastie Boys Steve Leichman
Tufts Dance Collective Police Force: Co-Chiefs: Lisa Schupmann and Cecilia Dos Santos; Fiscal Officer: Julie Wlodinguer; Sheriff of Publicity: Stephanie Upson; Crossing Guard: Steve Leichman


Tufts Dance Collective presents: "TDC 101" - April 23, 2004
Title Song(s) - Artist(s) Choreographer(s)
This is How We Do It (Choreographer's Dance) This is how We Do It - Montell Jordan TDC's Board of Executive Deans
Welcome to My Box Human Nature - Madonna Sean Bjerke, Carolyn Whitten
21+...ID Required! Pour Some Sugar on Me - Def Leopard Kasey Scarbrough, Amanda Selden
All the Philly Cheese Steaks You can Eat Motown Philly - Boyz II Men Steve Leichman, Dave Metz, Leigh Simons
Phenomenal Woman Mary - Sarah McLaclan Liz Schultz
Sugar & Spice and Everything Nice I'm Just a Girl Katharine Kreindler, Marissa Goldberg
Try Again Try Again - Aaliyah Lauren Friedman, Michelle Le
Guest Act: Sarabande Hate Every Beautiful Day - Sugarcult Megan Duane
I'm Not a Prostitute Free Your Mind - En Vogue Natalia Garzon, Perrin LaPlante, Julie Wlodinguer
Too Darn Hot Too Darn Hot - Cole Porter Kalani Hawks, Sam Stiegler (a.k.a. Salami)
Cosmic Battle When Doves Cry - Romeo & Juliet Soundtrack w/ Quindon Tarver (Prince) Carolyn Whitten
Nerds vs. Jocks: The Revenge of the Prank Party Up - DMX; Original Prankster - The Offspring James Mitchell, Daniel Perez
Toxic Toxic - Britney Spears Lauren Friedman
Guest Act: Turbo Music by Zeb Roc Ski, DJ 4 Joy, DJ Woodo, and Tomoyasu Hotei Members of Turbo
Hey Ya! Hey Ya! - Outkast Sandy Kunvatanagarn, Lisa Schupmann
Possession Possession - Sarah McLachlan (Live) Cecilia Dos Santos, Sarah Gray
Moondance Moondance - Van Morrison Jordan "Wolverine" Booth, Kyle "Sexy Mama" Pong
Janet Jackson Goes Bollywood Thujpar Gagan Se (from the Chalte Chalte soundtrack) Flori Engler, Vaani Garg
Crouching Jumbo Hidden Dragon Madskillz Mic Chekka - BT; I'm Really Hot - Missy Elliot (Video Version) Sean Bjerke
Scream Scream - Michael and Janet Jackson Katie Kavanagh, Jillian Willard
The Hand Dance Wild Thing vs. Push It Remix - Tone Loc, Salt 'n' Pepa Kristen Johannessen, Bobby Dutton
TDC Board of Executive Deans: Co-Deans of Directing and Yelling at People: Sean Bjerke and Amanda Selden; Dean of Monetary Compensation: Lauren Friedman; Dean of Communications: Cecilia Dos Santos; Dean of Publicity and 'Drawing Good': Lisa Schupmann


Tufts Dance Collective presents: "The Morning After" - Fall 2003
Title Song(s) - Artist(s) Chreographer(s)
I FEEEEEEEEL GOOD! (Choreographer's Dance) I Feel Good - James Brown Sean Bjerke, Cecilia Dos Santos, Lauren Friedman, Lisa Schupmann, Amanda Selden
Sexual Revolution Sexual Revolution - Macy Gray Kalani Hawks, Sam Stiegler
Play Play - Jennifer Lopez Lindsay Levy, Deniz Dagyaran
Feel the Vibrations (Good Like Sunkist) Good Vibrations - Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch Dave Metz, Chananya (Sandy) Kunvatangarn
Real Love Real Love - Mary J. Blige Cecilia Dos Santos, Julie Wlodinguer
Guest Act: Sarabande Crucify - Tori Amos Melissa Marver
Waltz in a Pumpkin Patch Yo Pumpkinhead! - Yoko Kanno Jordan Booth, Kyle Pong
Return to Innocence Return to Innocence - Enigma Debbie Anilionis, Emily Kott
Leather and Mesh I Need You Tonight - INXS Sean Bjerke, Cecilia Dos Santos, Lisa Schupmann
As If As If - Blaque Jillian Willard
Dude Looks Like a Lady Dude (Looks Like a Lady) - Aerosmith Perrin LaPlante, Julie Wlodinguer
Ready to Go Ready to Go - Republica Lauren Friedman
Shoop Shoop - Salt 'n' Pepa Kasey Scarbrough, Amanda Selden
Maniac Maniac - Michael Sembello Marissa Goldberg
Guest Act: Explosion Latina Dance Troupe ? - ? ?
What's So Different What's So Different - Genuine Kyle Pong, Joyce Rollor
Red vs. Blue in the key of Ska Take on Me - Reel Big Fish James Mitchell, Dan Perez
Guest Act: Turbo ? - ? Members of Turbo
RHCP=HOTT...(as in Sharp not sexy!) If You Have to Ask - Red Hot Chili Peppers Elizabeth Schultz, Vaani Garg
Love @ First Sight Love at First Sight - Mary J. Blige Lauren Friedman, Michelle Le
Lunch Break The Way You Make Me Feel - Michael Jackson Sean Bjerke, Carolyn Whitten
TDC Executive Board: Dynamic Director Duo: Sean Bjerke and Amanda Selden; (Non-Corrupt) Treasurer & Signatory: Lauren Friedman; Communication Liaison Extraordinaire: Cecilia Dos Santos; El Capitan Publicity: Lisa Schupmann


Tufts Dance Collective presents: "Hot Stuff" - April 24, 2003
Title Song(s) - Artist(s) Choreographer(s)
Wicked Mega Hot Stuff! Fired Up - Busta Rhymes Kim Barstow, Sean Bjerke, Emily Dixon-Ryan, Amanda Miller, Fran Shafir
Ghost Ghost - Michael Jackson Julie Wlodinguer, Nima Desai
Rocker Ballerinas Tonight, Tonight - Smashing Pumpkins Kim Barstow
Are you that Somebody? Are you that Somebody? - Aaliyah Angela Wong, Sireeda Miller
Guest Act: Puerto Rican Association Plena Libre, Chayanne & Alberto Style Suzanne Gutierrez
The Angry Dance Mic Check - Rage Against the Machine Craig Wenner
Imagine Imagine - John Lennon Jennifer Mendel, Amanda Selden
Senior Piece: I Get a Kick out of You I Get A Kick Out of You - Louis Armstrong Amanda Miller, Shula Waldoks
Senior Piece: Two of a Kind Air Force Ones - Nelly Emily Dixon-Ryan, Fran Shafir
Faded Faded - Soul Decision Katie Finkelstein, Jason Kass
The Tap Dance Some Days you Gotta Dance - Dixie Chicks Marissa Goldberg
Sock it to Me Sock it to Me - Missy Elliot Sarah Gray, Amanda Miller
Welcome Back to the Age of Jive It's Still Rock and Roll to Me - Billy Joel Emily "Hot Funk" Dixon-Ryan, Fran "Cool Punk" Shafir
Guest: Turbo ? - ? Members of Turbo
Creep Creep - TLC Amanda Miller, Shula Waldoks
Bodyrock Toccata and Fugue in D Minor - Bach, Bodyrock - Moby Sean Bjerke, Emi Kojima
Senior Piece: Two Minutes of Teenyboppin' Blowin' Me Up (With Her Love) - JC Chasez Kim Barstow, Marissa Simonelli
Cry Me a River Cry Me a River - Justin Timberlake Lauren Friedman
Idioteque Idioteque - Radiohead Sabrina Lenoir, Anna Loeb
Them There Eyes Them There Eyes - Billie Holiday Carrie Larson, Louise Weed
The Ninth Dance in Act II Summer Romance - Incubus Marissa Simonelli
Dem nuh know bout dis Ignition - R. Kelly; In Da Club - 50 Cent; Get Busy - Sean Paul; Freaks - Lil' Vicious Tiffany Groover, Natalia Vernon
Dangerous Dangerous - Michael Jackson Sean Bjerke
TDC Executive Board: Dynamic Director Duo: Amanda Miller and Emily Dixon-Ryan; Deputy Communication: Sean Bjerke; Seargeant Signatory/Treasurer: Kim Barstow; Captain Publicity: Fran Shafir


Tufts Dance Collective presents: "It's Gettin' Cold in Here (Not your Average Winter Pageant)" - December 7, 2002

Title Song(s) - Artist(s) Choreographer(s)
Ballerinas and Cold Medinas (Choreographer's Dance) ? - Tchaikovsky, ? - Tone Loc Kim Barstow, Sean Bjerke, Emily Dixon-Ryan, Amanda Miller, Fran Shafir
Come Baby Come Come Baby Come - K7 Carrie Larson
Unbelievable Unbelievable - EMF Marilyn Barry, Emily Cerveira
Under Pressure Under Pressure - David Bowie and Queen Emily Dixon-Ryan, Amanda Miller
Guest Act: Filipino Cultural Society Steppenwolf (feat. Philip Steir) - Magic Carpet Ride (Remix) Hac Joon Chang, Jade Del Castillo, JP Fontelo, Matt Magpayo, Debbie Roaquin, Lorraine Sensenig, Marissa Simonelli
Uninvisible Uninvisible - Medeski Martin and Wood Anna Loeb
Son of a Gun ? - Janet Jackson, ? - Missy Elliot Angela Wong
Guest Act: Turbo What's Golden - Jurassic 5 Members of Turbo
Not your Average Girl Gimme the Light - Sean Paul; My Neck, My Back - Khia; No Panties - Trina Tiffany Groover, Natalia Vernon
Freedom Freedom 90 - George Michael Sean Bjerke - Carolyn Whitten
Rebs and Rinas Higher Ground - Red Hot Chili Peppers Emily Dixon-Ryan, Fran Shafir
Enya Caribbean Blue and Book of Days - Enya Sabrina Lenoir, Naomi Sleeper
The Call The Call - Backstreet Boys Viet Le, Jeff Mehrmanesh, Amanda Miller
Wa! (Guest Act: Sarabande) Yumi Ga Hama - Kodo Beh Mochizuki
Tricky It's Tricky - Run DMC Deniz Dagyaran, Lauren Friedman
Why Georgia Why Georgia - John Mayer Marissa Simonelli
Guest Act: Explosión Latina Torero - Chayanne Reinaldo Garrastazú
Bron-Y-Aur Stomping Bron-Y-Aur Stomp - Led Zeppelin Kim Barstow
Mysterious Ways Mysterious Ways - U2 Amanda Miller, Shula Waldoks
TDC Executive Board: Dynamic Director Duo: Amanda Miller and Emily Dixon-Ryan; Deputy Communication: Sean Bjerke; Seargeant Signatory/Treasurer: Kim Barstow; Captain Publicity: Fran Shafir


Tufts Dance Collective presents: "A Perfect 11" - April 20, 2002

Title Song(s) - Artist(s) Choreographer(s)
Can't Touch This (Choreographer's Dance) You Can't Touch This - MC Hammer Emily Dixon-Ryan, Kelly Dutton, Amanda Miller, Jolene Stewart
The Humpty Dance The Humpty Dance - Digital Underground Kelly Dutton, Carrie Larson
No, No, No No, No, No - Destiny's Child ?-Wyclef Jean Flori Engler, Amanda Selden
More Than a Woman More Than a Woman - Aaliyah Angela Wong
Color Blind Color Blind - The Counting Crows Heather Barondess
I'm a Believer I'm a Believer - Smashmouth Dave Friedman, Rachel Richards
Guest Act: Sarabande Circle Song #3 - Bobby McFerrin Larissa McKenna
What I Got What I Got - Sublime Vaani Garg, Liz Schultz
I Got Five on It I Got Five on It - Aphrodite Nicole Notaro
How Come You Don't Call Me Anymore? How Come You Don't Call Me Anymore? - Alicia Keys Amanda Miller - Shula Waldoks
Rhythm Nation Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy - Tchaikovsky, Rhythm Nation - Janet Jackson Sean Bjerke, Carolyn Whitten
Stompin' Out Music TapDance Heather Barondess, Ellen Krol
Straight Up Straight Up - Paula Abdul Marie Fojas, Jolene Stewart
Guest Act: Turbo B-Boy Document - The High & Mighty Members of Turbo
Overprotected Overprotected - Britney Spears Jason Kass
Run to the Water Run to the Water - Live Emily Dixon-Ryan, Frances Shafir
Madonna Megamix Madonna Marilyn Barry, Emily Cerveira
Anticipating Anticipating - Britney Spears Stacy Ulrich
Walk this Way Walk this Way - Aerosmith and Run DMC Kelly Dutton, Amanda Miller
TDC Executive Board: Co-Artistic Directors: Kelly Dutton and Jennifer Fisher; Communications Liaison: Jolene Stewart; Treasurer/Signatory: Emily Dixon-Ryan; Publicity: Amanda Miller


Tufts Dance Collective Presents: "Turn it Up" - December 7th, 2001 (FIRST TDC SHOW IN COHEN!)
Title Song(s) - Artist(s) Choreographer(s)
Turn it Up (Choreographer's Dance) Turn it Up/Burn it Up - The Wiseguys The Board (See Below)
Bust It Bust It - Young MC Amanda Miller, Dana Sussman
Paranoid Android Paranoid Android - Radiohead Kim Barstow
Pop! Dirty Pop - *NSync Lilly Etgar, Rebecca McCormick, Elizabeth Ramos, Natica Smith
American Booty American Booty - Jakata Dave Friedman
Apocalypse Apocalypse - Wyclef Jean Hailey Brewer, Stacy Ulrich
Cosmic Girl Cosmic Girl - Jamiroquai Katie Finkelstein, Jason Kass
Guest Act: Tufts Bhangra Team Bhangra Mix Vidushi Gupta
Digital Love Digital Love - Daft Punk Emily Dixon-Ryan, Fran Shafir
Call Me Anything, But... ? - Madison Avenue Seren Levinson, Katie Razin
Kiss Kiss - Prince Amanda Miller, Elaine Wang
Hell's Broke Loose The Devil Went down to Georgia - The Charlie Daniels Band Kelly Dutton
Man...We Feel Like Women! Man! I feel like a Woman - Shania Twain Marissa Goldberg, Ellen Krol
Naked Eye Naked Eye - Luscious Jackson Vaani Garg, Liz Schultz
Be-Boppin' Bank Bust ? - Cowboy Bebop Jordan Booth, Tatyana Varsharsky
Guest Act: Turbo, Some Bboy $#!+ ? - Rock Creek Park Members of Turbo
The 2 of Us ? - *NSync Mollie Greenfield
Guest Act: Sarabande, Mamma's Trippin' Mama's Trippin' - Ben Harper Lauren Rochell
Candlelight Candlelight - Imogen Heap Heather Barondess
Curious Poses Music by Korn, Aphrodite, and a touch of Prince Jennifer Fisher, Molly Wolfe
BRING IT!!! ? - BT (feat. M Doughty) Jolene Stewart

TDC Executive Board: Co-Artistic Directors: Kelly Dutton and Jennifer Fisher; Communications Liaison: Jolene Stewart; Treasurer/Signatory: Emily Dixon-Ryan; Captain Publicity: Amanda Miller


Tufts Dance Collective presents: "We Like You" - April 19th-21st, 2001
Title Song(s) - Artist(s) Choreographer(s)
We Like You ? - King Africa Sarah Booth, Kelly Dutton, Patrick Girvin, Leslie Kung, Carrie Larson, Anna Loeb, Amanda Miller, Stephen Saffarewich, Jolene Stewart
what what ? - Noreaga Amanda Miller
Dralion ? - Violaine Corrade Anna Loeb
Please Use Other Door ? - Herbie Sally Abbott, Stephen Saffarewich That's the way Love Goes - Janet Jackson Shula Waldok, Amanda Miller
Talk Show Host Talk Show Host - Radiohead Kate Holohan
Freestyler! ? - Bomfunk MCs Sarah Booth, Kelly Dutton, Carrie Larson
I Like to Move It!! I Like to Move It - Reel 2 Reel Maggie Pastuszak
Deutsches Hip Hop ? - Die Fantastischen Vier Kristen Lawrence, Stephen Saffarewich
Come on Over Come on Over - Christina Aguilera Tracy Hoskinson
Love of My Life Love of My Life - Carlos Santana and Dave Matthews Amanda Raymond
Yo, Whateva Man. ? - Method Man and Redman Leslie Kung, Jolene Stewart
Bad ASSetts Thong Song - Sisqo, ? - Elvis Crespo, ? - Janet Jackson, ? - Eminem, ? - Redman Sheila J
Moby Madness Various Songs - Moby Emily Dixon-Ryan, Frances Shafir, Naomi Sleeper
After Hours ? - Ella Fitzgerald Debra Steinberg
The Ho-Down ? - Gentlemen's Club Sarah Booth
Love Don't Cost a Thing Love Don't Cost a Thing - Jennifer Lopez Angela Wong
Make it Happen Make it Happen - Irene Cara Debra Steinberg
It's Like This and Like That ? - ? Lilly Etgar, Rebecca McCormick, Natica Smith
"Fraggle Rock" Fraggle Rock Theme Rachel Richards
I Belong to You I Belong to You - Lenny Kravitz Leslie Kung, Jolene Stewart
Delicious Serenity in a Pumpkin Patch ? - EZ Rollaz Jennifer Fisher, Erik Tyson
It's Like this and Like That It's Like this and Like That - Michael Jackson Rebecca McCormick
This is my last dance because I am a senior and graduating, so it's really sad, but I'm really excited about this piece, so enjoy....thank you. (B.O.B.) Bombs Over Baghdad - Outkast Patrick Girvin
Artistic Directors: Patrick Girvin, Amanda Miller


Tufts Dance Collective presents: "Let the dogs back in...Please!" - December 7th-9th, 2000

Title Song(s) - Artist(s) Choreographer(s)
Let the Dogs Back In...Please! (Choreographer's Dance) Who let the Dogs Out? - Baha Men Patrick Garvin, Amanda Miller
WORD! Phaze Action - DJ Feel Good Amanda Miller, Shula Waldoks
"Why" Why - Annie Lennox Anna Loeb, Amanda Raymond
Meee-AAOW!! I'm Too Sexy - Right Said Fred Kelly Dutton, Carrie Larson
Rhythm Nation Rhythm Nation - Janet Jackson Leslie Kung, Jolene Stewart
Too Much Too Much - Dave Matthews Tracy Hoskinson, Kellen Krol
Remember... ? -Legend B Sabrina Lenoir, Jason Kass
Hey Girl Hey Girl, Hey Boy - E-Motion, Chemical Brothers Patrick Girvin
Crazy 80s ? - Madonna, ? - Michael Jackson, ? - Paula Abdul Heather Vergo, Andrea Mackaronis
"Here With Me"  Here with Me - Dido Elaine Wang, Kate Holohan
Guest Act: Tufts Ballroom Dance Team (Early Shows Only) Jump, Jive, and Wail - Brian Setzer Orchestra, Let's Get Loud - Jennifer Lopez Alexandra B. Attman, Gerrett Hansen, Scott Kronewitter, Nic Nguyen, Michelle Priante, Angela Wong
Guest Act: Turbo (Late Shows Only) ? - ? Members of Turbo
"Cry to Me" Cry to Me - Solomon Burke Amanda Miller
T.B.A.S. ? - Fey Sarah Booth
Dancing for Play ? - ? Rebecca McCormick
Curious Delight ? - Anabloic Frolick Jennifer Fisher
Love's Light ? - Vertical Horizon Shula Waldoks
ASS-TRAVAGANZA Baby Got Back - Sir Mix-a-lot Sarah Brasslett and Chris Chao
TMNT ? - Partners in Kryme Patrick Girvin
Artistic Directors: Patrick Girvin, Amanda Miller


TDC Presents: "When Worlds Collide" - December 10th and 11th, 1999
Title Song(s) - Artist(s) Choreographer(s)
(No Program Info Available - Only Advertisement Poster)


TDC Presents: "We're Coming Out" - April 16th and 17th, 1999
Title Song(s) - Aritst(s) Choreographer(s)
I'm Coming Out I'm Coming Out - Donna Summer Kimberly Volkman
Impressions ? - Simon and Garfunkel Debra Steinberg
I'll Be O.K. ? - ? Rebecca Brizuela
Roots A Mix Kimberly Volkman
Still Life/Happy, Joyous, and Free/Pas de Deux (Sarabande Guest Acts, 3 different dances for 3 different shows) ? - Ani DiFranco, ? - Melissa Ferrick/? - Gloria Estefan/? - Janis Joplin Marin Blake/Amy Mozlin, Rebecca Stone/Christina Lachance, Tim Gallegher
Tahitian (Guest Act: Hawaiian Club) Paea - Tot's Tahitians Carrie Beaulieu, Rosalynn Chan, Yolanda Finegan, Mio Nitta
Ain't Too Proud to Beg Ain't Too Proud to Beg - The Temptations Tracy Hoskinson
Eye Candy ? - Eye Candy Candy Chinsupakul
Finally ? - Cher Kimberly Volkman
TURBO (Guest Act: Turbo) ? - DJ Sketchmaster Pete feat. "On the Mic" by DJ Honda Members of Turbo
Shared Space ? - Hans Zimmer Debra Steinberg, Laura Blumenthal, Jolene Stewart
Six Barrels and Three Freaks ? - They Might be Giants Sarah Finn
Intergalactic Planetary: Featuring the Space Lord Motha Motha Intergalactic - Beastie Boys Allison Rizzolo, Alysse Wurcell
Ladies Night A Mix Kimberly Volkman
Passing the Torch ? - Destiny's Child Melissa John
Keren Or (Guest Act: SHORESH) ? - ? Laura Blumenthal, Mimi Feldman
Because We're Worth It ? - TLC Kimberly Volkman
Musical This! Music from: Chicago, A Goofy Movie, Cats, Grease, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Rent Melissa John


Tufts Dance Collective presents: "Shared Space" - April 11th and 12th, 1997
Title Song(s) - Aritst(s) Choreographer(s)
following the comet ? - Jamiroquai Andrea Hess
breaking for james ? - Radiohead Liz Razin
devices ? - John Cage, ? - Eos Ensemble Emily White
UbuLOBoHeBE ? - Medeski, Martin and Wood Rachel Namoff, Sharon Wolfson
not my lover ? - Black Street Kim Volkman
empty ? - Tori Amos Jessica Corlett
Healing ? - Stealing Beauty Soundtrack Andrea Hess
for bottom
love, Will S.
? - Eric Clapton Shannon Flahive, Joanna Majewski
storms in africa (*Guest Appearance by Sarabande) ? - Enya Heidi Marchetti, Arthur Webenoha
get off ? - Prince Kim Volkman
audible dawn ? - Deep Forest Emily White


Tufts Dance Collective presents: "Foot Fetish" - November 26, 1995

Title Song(s) - Aritst(s) Choreographer(s)

(No Program Info Available - Only Advertisement Poster)


The Tufts Dance Collective Spring Concert - "short stories" - April 27th and 28th, 1995

Title Song(s) - Aritst(s) Choreographer(s)

(No Program Info Available - Only Advertisement Poster)


The Tufts Dance Collective Fall Concert- "Outside-In" - November 18th and 19th, 1994
Title Song(s) - Aritst(s) Choreographer(s)
Pushpanjali ?-? Ritu Singhal
Power Pill ? - Power Pill Lisa Sciallo
Tuesdays Improvisitaions by Hendrick Gideonse, Lee Lacks, Tom Swafford Improvisations by Nadia Del-Pan, Barbara Dumery, Terry Joffe, Paige Sorvillo, Ian Winters
Nocturne (*First Sarabande Guest Appearance) ? - Deep Forest Elizabeth Urheim
stasis . conscioius . bluebird Vespers - Rachmaninoff Paige Sorvillo
Images Concerto in B minor - Vivaldi Elizabeth Ammerman
two by twos "the wood song" - Indigo Girls Andy Hess
fulcrum Waterdrums - Baka Forest People, The Catherine Wheel - David Byrne Nadia Del-Pan, Terry Joffe
Haitian Dance (*Guest Artists from the Black Theatre Company) ? - ? Nathalie Delsoin
mijn andere zelf Third Construction - John Cage Barbara Dumery


The Tufts Dance Collective Spring Concert - "Within the Space" April 15th and 16th, 1994
Title Song(s) - Aritst(s) Choreographer(s)
Untitled-3 W.M.A. - Pearl Jam Laurel McClellan
It's Alright ? - Van Morrison Michele Bernier
Improvisation ? - Hendrick Gideonse, Lee Lacks, Tom Swafford (Members of the New Music Ensemble) Barbara Dumery, Catherine Ho, Terry Joffe, Paige Sorvillo
Star Dust ? - Nat King Cole Christine Capetan
You are here ? - Miles Davis, ? - Quincey Jones Amanda Blandford
Vm = (gKEK + gNaENa)/(gK + gNa) ? - Miles Davis Ian Winters
Minuet ? - Boccherini Barbara Dumery, Tiiu Makela
Reach Clean - Depeche Mode Caitlin Callahan
craving Toc - Tom Zé Terry Joffe
"jig" ? - Tom Swafford Paige Sorvillo
knotting the thread Muzsikás Yvonne Rolzhausen


Tufts University Fall Dance Concert - "Down to go Up" - December 3rd and 4th, 1993 (Presented by the Department of Drama and Dance, Tufts Dance Collective, and Sarabande)
Title Song(s) - Aritst(s) Choreographer(s)
Work ? - David Kostiner Colleen Craig
Untitled-2 ? - ? Laurel McClellan
Retakes Gavotte in D Major - J.S. Bach Alice Trexler
But not in the Middle ? - S.L. Weiss Alice Trexler
Conditions of the Heart ? - Prince Jocelyn West
Nile Currents ? - Eric Galm Lynn Frederiksen
¢ Adagio in G minor for strings - Albinoni Ian Winters
So Help me God ? - Ray Charles Lillian C. Shapiro
Hopes and Fears ? - Tom Swafford Shannon O'Haverty
Victoria Falls The Celts - Enya Barbara Dumery, Andrea Hess
Me and a Gun ? - Tori Amos Jacqueline Reid
Left in a Lurch ? - Laurie Anderson, ? - David Byrne Terry Joffe, Jenny Powers


The Tufts Dance Collective - Spring Concert - April 16th and 17th, 1993
Title Song(s) - Artist(s) Choreographer(s)
Um ? - Tom Zé Terry Joffe
Lies/Work/Another Day ? - Shakespeare's Sister John Strain
Cursum Perficio ? - Enya Laurel McClellan
Losing the Head of the Table ? - Maurice Jarre, ? - The Clan Yvonne Rolzhausen
Home ? - Gyuto Monks Ian Winters
Meg Culpa ? - Enigma J.C. Lapierre
Fog ? - Brahms Peter DiMuro
Christine/Kristina ? - Sting Kristen Kupperschmidt, Christy Uchida
Safe Love in the Days of Sad Affection ? - Neneh Cherry Shannon O'Haverty
Untitled Ave Maria - ?, ? - Nine Inch Nails Paige Sorvillo
At the Top of the Stairs ? - Billy Bragg Michelle Krems
Why Do We Crucify Ourselves? ? - Led Zeppelin, ? - Tori Amos Athena Anagnostopoulos
Picturing ? - ? Aislinn MacMaster


The Tufts Dance Collective - Fall Concert - November 20, 1992
Title Song(s) - Artist(s) Choreographer(s)
Trio ? - Tom Swafford Kristen Kupperschmidt
Spin in Springs The Garden of Zephirus, Saltarello - Dead Can Dance Barbara Dumery
for Mary Ellen ? - Vladimir Vysotsky Yvonne Rolzhausen
Pseudo Suite ? - Rimsky-Korsakov Kristen Kupperschmidt
Sahara Sunrise ? - Ralf Illenberger Christy Uchida
Les Gens-La ? - Jacques Brel Yvonne Rolzhausen
Iridium Obsessions in Open G - Tom Swafford Barbara Dumery
Good Grief  ? - Suzanne Vega John Strain


The Tufts Dance Collective - Spring Concert - April 9th and 10th, 1992

Title Song(s) - Artist(s) Choreographer(s)
May Robson ? - Phil Collins Shannon O'Haverty
The Dilemma Music from the Musical Chess Aimee Ricciardone
Court Dances ? - Maria Marquez, ? - Frank Harris, ? - Giovanni Battista Aislinn MacMaster
Thillana ? - ? Sonia Malhotra
Paranoia: Modern Mechanization of Man The Art of Noise - ? Laura Boucher, Nicole Broadsky
Meetings ? - Vivaldi Leslie Teng
Fog ? - Brahms Peter DiMuro
Edge of Darkness ? - Eric Clapton Corinne Wise
Holiday I ? - Hyden Laura Kuhn
Woman, 34 BE ?-? Paige Sorvillo, Craig Quintero
Crossroads ? - Dzintars, ? - Gyuto Monks, ? - Michelle Shocked Kristen Kupperschmidt


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