About Us

Our History

Taiwanese Association of Students at Tufts (TAST) was established in 1996 to spread the culture, language, and history of Taiwan. Since then, TAST has become a prominent student origanization at Tufts and we continue to grow as the years continue. More TBA

Our Constitution

Article I: Name

The name of this Organization shall be the Taiwanese Association of Students at Tufts (TAST).

Article II: Purpose
  1. Promote recognition of the Taiwanese culture as well as to promote interaction within the Taiwanese Community at Tufts, Fletcher, and beyond.
  2. Raise awareness of Taiwan's political situation and its role in the international community.
  3. Broaden the Taiwanese cultural and social interactiosn with Intercollegiate Taiwanese clubs as well as other clubs within the Tufts community.
  4. Examine current issues relevant to Taiwan.
Article III: Membership
  1. Membership shall be open to any undergraduate, graduate, or professor within the Tufts Community.
  2. Members are eligible to participate in any, or all activities sponsored by TAST.
  3. All members must attend a minimum of two general membership meetings during the semester.
  4. Each member must participate in at least one project per year.
Article IV: Meetings

Official organizational meetings will be held monthly. The presidents may call officers and members for specific or special project meetings.

Article V: Elections and Officers
Section I:
  1. All official members will be able to exercise their voting privileges during general meetings.
  2. The term of office for all officers shall be one calendar year, and it terminates two weeks after the new elections are held. The previous officers are obligated to assimilate the newly elected officers into their positions.
  3. Officers shall be chosen from full time students enrolled at Tufts University, having been a part of the organization for at least one semester and will include only undergraduate students.
  4. A candidate nomination meeting will be held one week prior to the election for various officer positions.
  5. Elections for the first year will be held at the end of the fall semester. Elections in the subsequent years will be held at the end of the spring semester.
  6. To be elected as an officer, a majority of votes is required.
  7. The quorum number shall be twenty.
Section II:
  1. The leadership of the organization will consist of Co-Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, and Public Chair.
Section III: Impeachment
  1. All members of TAST have the power to remove any officer if the officer:
    • Violates the Constitution.
    • Does not fulfill his or her obligations and responsibilities.
  2. To impeach an officer, a two-thirds vote of the total members of TAST is required.
  3. If any officer is impeached, he/she is not eligible for re-election.
Article VI: Duties of Officers
Section I: Co-Presidents
  1. The Presidents shall arrange, attend, and preside over all meetings.
  2. The Presidents will outline the program agenda each semester with advice from the general membership.
  3. The Presidents will determine the outcome of vote if a majority decision is not reached.
Section II: Secretary
  1. The Secretary must assist the Presidents and perform the duties assigned by the Presidents in administration of the organization.
  2. The Secretary shall keep minutes of all TAST meetings and distribute said minutes to the members.
  3. The Secretary shall keep updated records of all members.
  4. The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping a schedule of all events and activities performed by TAST.
Section III: Treasurer
  1. The Treasurer is responsible for organization and bookkeeping of all TAST money.
  2. The Treasurer shall give a financial report at every TAST meeting.
  3. The Treasurer shall oversee all financial transactions of TAST. The signature of the Treasurer will be required for all financial transactions. In case of emergency and the Treasurer is not to be found, the Presidents shall assume this responsibility.
  4. The Treasurer is required to prepare the annual budget.
Section IV: Public Chair
  1. The Public Chair will be responsible for publicizing and informing the general student body of all events and activities for the organization.
  2. The Public Chair shall collaborate with other organizations at Tufts University as well as other educational and social institutions.
  3. The Public Chair Officer is obligated to be present at every event sponsored by TAST.
Article VII: Amendments
  1. Any member may suggest an amendment to the Constitution.
  2. The executive board will meet and discuss if the amendment is appropriate to be introduced during the next general meeting.
  3. Amendments to the Constitution requires two-third vote from the members of TAST.