Tuition and Fees

Tufts Pre-College Programs:
How to Apply

Summer 2018

Application Deadlines

Open Close
Summer Session for HS Dec. 1st, 2017 Course-specific*
Tufts College Experience Dec. 1st, 2017 May 1st, 2018
Pre-College Intensives: Dec. 1st, 2017 May 1st, 2018

* Deadlines are driven by the specific courses students intend to enroll in. Please see the Summer Session academic calendar for more details.


  • Tufts Pre-College Programs are highly selective with limited seats available. Although applications are reviewed on a rolling basis until the deadline, we highly recommend submitting your application as soon as possible.
  • Tufts Pre-College Programs may continue to accept applications after the deadline, but a late registration fee applies. See this page for more details.

Program Eligibility

Both domestic and international students are welcome to apply to and attend our pre-college programs. This page includes instructions for both types of students.

Summer Session for HS Entering Grades 11-12
Tufts College Experience Entering Grades 11-12
Pre-College Intensives:
• International Relations Entering Grades 11-12
• Leadership for Social Change Entering Grades 10-12
• SMFA Studio Art Entering Grades 10 - 12

Application Steps and Requirements

Step 1 – Submit an Application

Start your application by clicking the button below. The application system will ask you to create an account username and password, which allows you to save and return to your application whenever you need to via the link below.

Once in the application, select “Tufts Pre-College Programs”. Then, select the Program for which you would like to apply.

Applying to multiple Pre-College Programs? You should apply to one program at a time using the same account and following the same steps outlined here. You do not need a new user name and password and the system will save your personal information and academic history so you do not need to re-enter it.

The Application will ask you for the following, depending on the program for which you are applying and will ask you to attest that your statements are true before you hit submit. Please note that, for students under 18, parents will be asked to confirm their approval of the application. For students applying to Summer Session for High Schoolers, you will also be asked to pay a $65 application fee upon submitting your application.

Basic Personal Information Program Preferences Essay Letter of Recomme-
ndation Contact information
Test scores Academic History
Tufts College Experience YES
  • Course Preferences
  • Credit
- 1 Optional YES
Tufts Summer Session for HS YES
  • Course Preferences
  • Credit / Audit
- 1 Optional YES
Tufts Summer Intensives:
International Relations YES
  • Language Preferences
- 1 Optional YES
Leadership for Social Change YES - - 1 - YES
SMFA Studio Art YES
  • Session dates
  • Optional Week 3
  • Workshop prefrences
YES* - - art courses taken

*What are your goals for attending a Pre-College Studio Art Intensive this summer? (max 200 words)

Step 2 – Submit Admissions Documents

Before an application can be reviewed, the following additional documents will need to be provided:

  • All Students
    • Official High School Transcript (back to 9th grade), mailed to:
      Tufts Pre-College Program
      Dowling Hall
      419 Boston Avenue
      Medford, MA 02155
    • Other forms may be required by individual programs and will be communicated through the application

Step 3 – Receive Pre-College Admissions Decision

Once an applicant has submitted an application and all required admissions documents are received, the applicant will be considered for admission by the Pre-College review committee for the specific program(s) to which they applied.

Decisions are made on a rolling basis and students will typically receive an official email informing them of their admissions status within 10 days of Tufts receiving all required materials.

If you do not receive your email within two weeks of all materials being submitted, please contact us at or 617-981-7008.

Disclaimer: This program is not related to Tufts University Undergraduate Admissions. Participation in this program does not result in admission to a Tufts University degree program. Tufts reserves the right to admit as requested, to deny admission, or to offer provisional admission. The program will not provide feedback to applicants if admission is denied.”

Step 4 – Hold your spot with a deposit

Admitted students may reserve their seat by submitting a non-refundable deposit. Until a deposit is received, the student is not guaranteed a spot in the program.

The non-refundable deposit is as follows:

Non-refundable Deposit
Summer Session for HS $300
Tufts College Experience $500
Pre-College Intensives:
  • International Relations*
  • Leadership for Social Change*
  • SMFA Studio Art

This deposit will be requested through the application system and can be paid directly in your application account.

Step 5 – Confirm enrollment with final program materials and fees

In order to be considered enrolled in the program, students are required to pay the balance of their program fees and to submit additional documentation that will enable us to ensure their safe participation in our programs.

Final payment for programs can be made through your application account and is due on the following dates:

Final Payment Date
Summer Session for HS Course-specific*
Tufts College Experience May 15th, 2018
Pre-College Intensives:
  • International Relations
May 15th, 2018
  • Leadership for Social Change
May 15th, 2018
  • SMFA Studio Art
May 15th, 2018

*Deadlines are driven by the specific courses students intend to enroll in. Please see the Summer Session academic calendar for more details.


  • Students not paying in full by this date will be unenrolled from the program.
  • Students submitting applications after the final payment due date will be required to make their payment in full to reserve their seat in the program (replacing Step 4).

In addition to making the final payment, there are a series of waivers and documents that students must submit to ensure a safe program experience. These forms will be requested through the application portal and can be uploaded directly to that site.

  • All Students
    • Health Information
    • Health Consent
    • Immunization Record
    • Parent Agreement
    • Student Agreement
    • Consent to Release Student Information
    • Publicity Consent
    • Obligation to Pay
  • Commuter Students
    • Commuter Travel Information and Waiver
  • Residential Students
    • Forms will be managed directly between Summerfuel and Students
  • Students Enrolled in Health Science Honors
    • Supplemental Release
  • International Students
    • International Student Information Form

Please note that enrollment in any Tufts Summer Pre-College Program is contingent on the receipt of the fees and materials described above.


Summer at Tufts welcomes international students in all of its programs. Once you have been accepted to a program through the process above, you must obtain a visa.

Tufts will provide students who have been accepted through the process above with an I-20 Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Student Status, which is needed for acquisition of an eligible study visa.

Delivery of the I-20 form will be conducted through University Express Mail Services (UEMS), a secure express service for delivery of important documents between you and Tufts using reliable shipping companies. International students must create an account to be able to receive important documents from Tufts University.

After account creation, follow system prompts to set up delivery of important documents from Tufts Summer Session to you. Be sure that you select "Tufts Summer Session" when setting up the delivery. Other programs at Tufts University use UEMS, and an error in UEMS will cause delay or result in a possible loss of the opportunity to study at Tufts.

Payment for shipping through the UEMS service is the responsibility of the applicant. Options exist for payment, which include credit card, PayPal, or wire transfer.

Step 7 – INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS ONLY – International Student Advisor Interview

An interview with a Tufts International Student Advisor is required. You will be emailed instructions on how to meet the designated officer. Failure to complete this step will result in immediate withdrawal from your course(s). This will invalidate your visa, putting your stay in the U.S. at risk.