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Is a Summer Online Course

Right for Me?

Online learning is student-centered learning. The instructor is your guide and facilitator, but your motivation is what propels you to success. With you in the driver’s seat, the learning and outcome you achieve from the online course will give you a great – and different – sense of accomplishment.

Online courses are taught by Tufts faculty. You actually get more attention from your instructor. It is not possible to “get lost in the crowd;" your participation will be logged in chat rooms and forums. Expectations for written communications are high in an online course. Students report that online courses are as rigorous and rewarding as any course they have had at Tufts (or at another great university).

Answer these questions about yourself:

  • Are you self-disciplined and motivated?
  • Will your time commitments interfer with logging on to Trunk on a daily basis?
  • How comfortable are you using a computer and the internet?
  • Do you enjoy putting your thoughts in writing?
  • Are you able to discuss difficulties with your instructor and/or fellow students?
  • Do you need a classroom experience to focus on learning?

If you are disciplined, you can write effectively, and can pace your reading and writing during the weeks the course is in session, you can easily study in an online course. It is important that you be proactive, and take advantage of all the opportunities you have to engage with the instructor and other students.

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