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Summer 2018

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        0001 - 0099: undergraduate credit only
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        0200 & Up: strictly graduate

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Title:   Modern Race & Racial Politics (Online)      

Course Number:      AMER 0180A   
Room: Online

Course Description:

An interdisciplinary exploration into the complexities of race, racial formation, & racial politics in the US. We will not simply examine how race is socially constructed, but just as importantly how it is politically contested & shaped by social actors & social movements. We will begin by examining the historical development of the modern concept of race & the experiences of different ethnic and racial communities in the United States. We will look at a range of racial histories in the US & a host of theories & debates surrounding such concerns. Pursuing an "intersectional" approach, we will examine racial identity as it is influenced and molded by gender, religion, class, sexuality, and nationalism. This course will challenge us to explore how different communities of color live in relation to one another & in relation to "Whiteness." Central themes include the portrayals of Arabs & Muslims by Hollywood, the impact of social movements & anti-racist activist struggles in the US, and questions of the border & the politics and immigration. Visual culture, films, & documentaries will be integral to the course.
This is an online course that will not meet on campus. Most course activities and interactions will occur asynchronously and online through TRUNK, Tufts' learning management system. You can take this course from anywhere as long as you have a reliable internet connection (broadband highly recommended). Online courses are held to the same academic standards as campus-based courses and students can expect high levels of interaction with faculty and classmates.
Online courses at Tufts are not self-paced, however they typically offer much more flexibility for students. Typically, course content is organized in a weekly structure, so students will be expected to login and participate regularly. However students can generally set their own schedule within each week as long as assignments and activities are completed on time.
All online courses will have regular instructor office hours where students have an opportunity to speak to their teacher, via telephone or web conferencing. Some courses may require a live session(s), where students are expected to login to a web conferencing site at a certain date and time.
Some online courses require proctored exams. Students in the area can come to the Medford campus to take these exams at a specific date and time. Students taking the course truly from a distance will need to identify an acceptable proctor and go through Summer Session's proctor verification process.

Instructor: Thomas Abowd           Instructor Website

Offered in: First session
Class Dates: Wednesday, May 23, 2018 to Friday, Jun 29, 2018
Day(s): Online           Online Session Times: Online
Credit Value: 3          Call Number:      50088

Audit Enroll Option: No                     
Status: Open


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