Summer Courses 

Unless noted otherwise, Tufts summer courses award one Tufts course credit, which equals four semester hours at other institutions. If you plan to transfer Tufts credit to a degree program at your home institution, you should check with your institution for approval prior to registering.

The following is a guide to Tufts University Summer Session undergraduate and graduate course numbers:

  • 0001 - 0099: strictly undergraduate
  • 0100 - 0199: undergraduate or graduate
  • 0200 & Up: strictly graduate

If you have any specific questions regarding the type of credit you will receive for a particular course, please contact the sponsoring academic department for more information.


  • Some course descriptions contain Tufts University information pertaining to fall and spring offerings of the same course. Where possible, summer specific information has been provided.

  • Pre-requisite and prior study/learning recommendations are indicated in course descriptions.  Students who do not attend Tufts in the fall or spring terms should pay attention to these indications when making course selections.  If you have questions, contact the instructor or sponsoring department.

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Tufts Summer Session offers over 250 courses to Tufts and Visiting students annually. Click on the specific department and course to find a course that is right for you.

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