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Summer Session for High Schoolers

Course & Workshop List

Summer 2018

The list below represents all undergraduate and pre-college courses open to high school students in the Tufts Summer Session for High Schoolers program. Summer Session for High Schoolers is a non-residential program that offers high school students the opportunity to enroll in Tufts University courses. All Courses are available for credit, while Workshops are not offered for credit.

Rising High School Juniors (Class of 2020) and Seniors (Class of 2019) are eligible for all workshops and courses listed. Rising High School Sophomores (Class of 2021) are eligible for all Studio Art Courses & Workshops. Note that courses not listed below are not open to students in this program.

A short application is required before high school students can be enrolled. Apply early to assure your placement in the courses you want!

This course list is subject to change.

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Studio Art (Workshops)
School Course #      TitleSessionDatesDaysTimesInstructorCampusRoom
SMFA DRWC 0001A Drawing: IntroductionFirst5/23-6/29TBATBAStaffBoston-FenwayTBA
SMFA DRWC 0063A Expressive Figure DrawingFirst5/23-6/29TBATBAStaffBoston-FenwayTBA
SMFA DRWC 0090A In the Mix: Combining Drawing and PaintingFirst5/23-6/29TBATBACarterBoston-FenwayTBA
SMFA GRAC 0056A Photoshop: IntroductionFirst5/23-6/29TBATBAStaffBoston-FenwayTBA
SMFA PAIC 0016A Painting: IntroductionFirst5/23-6/29TBATBAStaffBoston-FenwayTBA
SMFA PRTG 0001A Beginning ScreenprintingFirst5/23-6/29TBATBAStaffBoston-FenwayTBA
SMFA SCPT 0001A 3D Modeling and CADFirst5/23-6/29TBATBADaviesBoston-FenwayTBA
SMFA CERC 0018B Basics of CeramicsSecond5/23-6/29TBATBAStaffBoston-FenwayTBA
SMFA CERC 0064B Ceramics: Wheel ThrowingSecond7/3-8/10TBATBAStaffBoston-FenwayTBA
SMFA MTLC 0033B Small Scale ForgingSecond7/3-8/10TBATBAFranklinBoston-FenwayTBA
SMFA PHTC 0005B Introduction to Analog PhotographySecond7/3-8/10TBATBAStaffBoston-FenwayTBA
SMFA PHTC 0030B Introduction to Digital PhotographySecond7/3-8/10TBATBAStaffBoston-FenwayTBA

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