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July 5-August 11 (Second Session)

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Undergraduate Courses for Seniors

Course Directory

Courses appearing in this directory are a listing of Tufts University summer classes made available to rising high school seniors (class of 2018) through Tufts Pre-College Program. 

Admission to Tufts Pre-College Program is required. Admissions credentials determine eligibility for enrollment. Other summer courses, not listed in here, are not available for pre-college (high school) registration.

Note: Credit value is listed according to the Tufts credit load system. Tufts University expresses academic load in terms of units, rather than credit hours. One Tufts "unit" (or credit) is transferred as three or four credit hours at other institutions. Details are provided on the Tufts University transcript. 

Courses in this listing are subject to change, alternation, substitution, or cancellation due to low enrollment. Days & Times may change. Check this website frequently for updates.

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Session Course #       TitleDaysTimesInstructorRoom
FirstARCH 0026AAncient Egypt, Civilization of the Nile & Near East (Online)OnlineAnytimeHarringtonOnline

Session Course #       TitleDaysTimesInstructorRoom
SecondAST 0010BWanderers in Space: Exploration & DiscoveryTWTh6:00-8:15 PMStaffTBA

Session Course #       TitleDaysTimesInstructorRoom
SecondBIO 0010BPlants & Humanity (Online)OnlineAnytimeEllmoreOnline

Session Course #       TitleDaysTimesInstructorRoom
FirstCHNS 0001AElementary Chinese (Online)OnlineAnytimeWangOnline
SecondCHNS 0002BElementary Chinese (Online)OnlineAnytimeWangOnline

Session Course #       TitleDaysTimesInstructorRoom
SecondCLS 0075BClassical MythologyTTh1:00-4:30 PMHarrington Barnum Hall 104

Computer Science
Session Course #       TitleDaysTimesInstructorRoom
FirstCOMP 0020AWeb Programming (Online)OnlineAnytimeChowOnline
FirstCOMP 0050AFundamentals of Computational Design (Online)OnlineAnytimeHassounOnline

Session Course #       TitleDaysTimesInstructorRoom
SecondDR 0007BIntroduction to TheatreMW6:00-7:45 PMStaff Lane Hall 100
SecondDR 0010BIntroduction to ActingTTh6:00-9:30 PMYakubovskaya Perry and Marty Granoff Music Center 251

Session Course #       TitleDaysTimesInstructorRoom
SecondEC 0005BPrinciples of Economics (Online)OnlineAnytimeMcMillanOnline
SecondEC 0007BPrinciples of FinanceTWTh6:00-8:15 PMMurphy Braker Hall 113

Session Course #       TitleDaysTimesInstructorRoom
SecondENG 0005BCreative Writing: FictionTTh6:00-9:30 PMHurka Olin Center 103
SecondENG 0092BADigital RhetoricTTh6:00-9:30 PMCrano Bromfield-Pearson 005

Environmental Studies
Session Course #       TitleDaysTimesInstructorRoom
SecondENV 0010BPlants & Humanity (Online)TBATBAEllmoreTBA

Session Course #       TitleDaysTimesInstructorRoom
FirstFR 0001AElementary French I (Online)OnlineAnytimeCondittoOnline
SecondFR 0002BElementary French II (Online)OnlineAnytimeCondittoOnline

Session Course #       TitleDaysTimesInstructorRoom
SecondHIST 0054BEurope Since 1815MW6:00-9:30 PMProctor Eaton Hall 333
SecondHIST 0087BMiddle East/Central Asia: World of IslamMW1:00-4:30 PMShadbash Lane Hall 100
SecondHIST 0171BModern Africa Through Film & FictionTTh6:00-9:30 PMSchaefer Lane Hall 100
SecondHIST 0173BBoston HistoryMW6:00-9:30 PMHerlihy Olin Center 102

Session Course #       TitleDaysTimesInstructorRoom
FirstMATH 0021AIntroductory Statistics (Online)OnlineAnytimeGarantOnline
FirstMATH 0032ACalculus I (Online)OnlineAnytimeRuaneOnline
SecondMATH 0019BMath of Social ChoiceMTWTh10:45 AM-12:30 PMAbhishek Bromfield-Pearson 002
SecondMATH 0030BIntroduction to CalculusMTWTh10:45 AM-12:30 PMStaff Bromfield-Pearson 007
SecondMATH 0032BCalculus IMTWTh10:45 AM-12:30 PMStaff Bromfield-Pearson 003

Session Course #       TitleDaysTimesInstructorRoom
FirstNU 0101AHuman Nutrition (Online)OnlineAnytimeMcKayOnline
SecondNU 0101BHuman NutritionTTh6:00-9:30 PMMcKay Perry and Marty Granoff Music Center 271

Session Course #       TitleDaysTimesInstructorRoom
SecondPHY 0001BIntroductory Physics I, with Lab (Lecture)MTWTh10:45 AM-12:30 PMStaffTBA
SecondPHY 0001BLIntroductory Physics I (LAB)W2:00-4:40 PMStaffTBA
SecondPHY 0001BRIntroductory Physics I, with Lab (Recitation)TTh1:30-2:20 PMStaffTBA
SecondPHY 0002BIntroductory Physics II, with Lab (Lecture)MTWTh10:45 AM-12:30 PMNapierTBA
SecondPHY 0002BLAIntroductory Physics II & Physics 12 (Shared Lab)T2:30-5:00 PMStaffTBA
SecondPHY 0002BLBIntroductory Physics II & Physics 12 (Shared Lab)W8:00-10:30 AMStaffTBA
SecondPHY 0002BLCIntroductory Physics II & Physics 12 (Shared Lab)T8:00-10:30 AMStaffTBA
SecondPHY 0002BLDIntroductory Physics II & Physics 12 (Shared Lab)W5:00-7:30 PMStaffTBA
SecondPHY 0002BRAIntroductory Physics II, with Lab (Recitation)MW9:45-10:35 AMStaffTBA
SecondPHY 0002BRBIntroductory Physics II, with Lab (Recitation)TTh1:30-2:20 PMStaffTBA

Political Science
Session Course #       TitleDaysTimesInstructorRoom
SecondPS 0042BWestern Political Thought IIMW1:00-4:30 PMEvrigenis Olin Center 103

Session Course #       TitleDaysTimesInstructorRoom
SecondPSY 0001BIntroduction to PsychologyMW6:00-9:30 PMCohen Knoepfler Halligan Hall 111A
SecondPSY 0013BSocial Psychology (Online)OnlineAnytimeSommersOnline

Session Course #       TitleDaysTimesInstructorRoom
FirstSPN 0001AElementary Spanish I (Online)OnlineAnytimeRosso-O'LaughlinOnline
SecondSPN 0002BElementary Spanish II (Online)OnlineAnytimeRosso-O'LaughlinOnline
SecondSPN 0004BIntermediate Spanish IITWTh6:00-8:15 PMOlder Olin Center 218

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