STEM Ambassadors

Jacqueline Cabral
Community Health
Class of 2019
Santa Barbara High School

Extracurricular Activities: Aside from STEM Ambassadors, I am a part of GlobeMed, Sharewood Public Health Committee, and Primary Care Progress.
Internship/ Research Experience: Boston Area Health Education Center (Tisch Summer Fellows Program)
Who inspired you to become a scientist or engineer? My boss in a teen science program inspired me to become a scientist because she was the epitome of the kind of professional I wanted to be. Even though being a woman in science may be difficult, my boss was an empowered female scientist who never failed to speak her voice. From her, I learned that my background would only make me a stronger scientist because it has equipped me with the skills to continue to ask why. 
Donna Chen
Computer Science, School of Engineering
Class of 2019
North Quincy High School

Extracurricular Activities: Stem Ambassadors, SWE
Who inspired you to become a scientist or engineer? My dad was a very hands-on type of person and it has always fascinated me to watch him build furniture for our family's use or other insane contraptions. While he's not exactly an engineer or scientist, he sparked my interest in creating something applicable and practical to the real world, even if it is just in software.
Mateo Galeano Londoño
Civil Engineering
Class of 2018
New York
The High School for Math, Science, and Engineering at CCNY

Internship/Research Experience: Communications intern for the Director of Communications in the School of Engineering at Tufts, BEST Peer Mentor for Summer 2015
Why did you choose to become a scientist or an engineer? I decided to become an engineer because I see a career in engineering as a means of helping people who need it the most. On a personal level, I wanted to receive an education in a field that can solve infrastructural problems in the developing world. Engineering, I felt, provided a rewarding profession that challenges me academically and develops practical problem solving skills.
Hernán Gallegos
Mechanical Engineering
Class of 2019
Towers High School

Extracurricular Activities: La Salsa Dance Team, College AIM, Society of Latino Engineer and Scientists (SOLES)
Internship/ Research Experience: Mechanical Engineer on Mindsets Project through the Psychology Department at Tufts; BEST Peer Mentor for Summer 2016; Community-Based Engineering, Portable Maker Studio, and Engineering Discourse/Notebook Cards projects through the Center of Engineering Education and Outreach at Tufts.
Who inspired you to become a scientist or engineer? My community. This change that I see coming from engineering is something that I want to implement onto my community and the people around me. I want others to see that engineering is a field full of potential and possibilities. That engineering is my way of giving back. I want to show that success can not only come from my community but from many other communities like mine, one that is truly underrepresented. STEM Ambassadors is just one of the ways where I can slowly achieve this goal.
Martin Majkut
Mechanical Engineering
Class of 2019
Rhode Island
Charles E. Shea High School

Extracurricular Activities: Tufts Electric Racing Team, Tufts Robotics Club, Society of Latino Engineers and Scientists.
Internship/ Research Experience: Intern at the Center for Engineering Education and Outreach.
Who inspired you to become a scientist or engineer? My inspiration to become an engineer comes from my parents. My parents immigrated here from Poland, and had made a lot of sacrifices to make sure that my brother and I had better opportunities than they did growing up. So, to repay them in a way, I wanted to take full advantage of the opportunities presented to me, and make sure my parents' sacrifices were worth it. 
Michelle Mu
Class of 2018
Boston Latin School

Internship/Research Experience: Eagle Eye Institute with the Tisch Summer Fellows Program
Why did you choose to become a scientist or an engineer? I chose to study biology because biology was my favorite subject in high school, and I loved learning about new biological discoveries and research. I also love animals and studying biology is a great way of continuing my interest in living organisms. Growing up watching Animal Planet and Discovery Channel almost religiously, I always admired the many scientists and researchers that explored different ecosystems looking for animals to study and those who contributed their expertise when examining all kinds of fascinating species.
Melanie Ramirez
Community Health
Class of 2019
College Park High School

Extracurricular Activities: MAPS (Minority Association of Pre-health Students) Treasurer, Sharewood Clinic Volunteer, Burlesque Choreographer.
Internship/ Research Experience: SMDEP (Sumer Medical and Dental Education Program) at UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine, Summer 2016. Research Assistant for the Community Health and Sociology Department: Studying the emergence of HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C and how the U.S. and British governments responded to these health threats.
Why did you choose to become a scientist or engineer? I chose to become a scientist because I love learning how the world around me works. Growing up, I was the kind of child that always asked, "why" and with each answer, I'd just have another question. I've always found science so fascinating because it both provides answers to my questions and allows a space to investigate how we, the environment, or the whole world functions. It's amazing to think about all the things that have been explained or built with science and all the things we have yet to discover or create.
Emily Sim
Computer Science
Class of 2019
Troy High School

Extracurricular Activities: TCU Senate, Associate Treasurer
Internship/ Research Experience: Legal Research Intern at Los Angeles Department of Justice
Why did you choose to become a scientist or engineer?  I never intended on going into the STEM field before I came to Tufts. During my first year, I took the Introduction to Computer Science course on a whim and fell in love. I love that Computer Science allows me to critically think about the best way to achieve the end goal, but leaves room for creativity with my code. It's also incredible to realize how my brain has developed a new eye for looking at the world because Computer Science helped me to discover a whole new set of problem solving skills.