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Faculty: Helen Marrow  
Helen Marrow
Assistant Professor
PhD, Harvard University; MA, Harvard University; BA, Princeton University

Office phone: 617-627-2140

Immigration; Race and Ethnicity; Social Class; Inequality and Social Policy; Health; Qualitative Methods

Biography and Interests:
Helen B. Marrow is a sociologist of immigration, race and ethnicity, social class, health, and inequality and social policy. Her work explores Latin Americans' racial and ethnic identities in the United States and Europe, the impact of immigration on social life and race relations in the contemporary rural American South, and variation in public bureaucracies' approaches to unauthorized immigration (especially in education, law enforcement, and health care). As an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Tufts University, she teaches courses on sociology, social policy, immigration and the media, and research methods.

For a summary of awards that Helen has received, a complete list of her publications, a description of her current scholarly interests, and information on each of the courses she teaches, see http://helenmarrow.com.

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