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Special Programs in Residence

Small Group Housing offers undergraduates a chance to live with students who share social, cultural or academic interests. There are sixteen small group units, each offering an assortment of activities for residents.

First year students can not live in the Special Interest Houses their first year on-campus.

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Africana House - Located at 8 Professors Row (Capen House), the Africana House offers students interested in Africana culture a place to live together and share common experiences. Programs such as the Peer Advisor Program and celebration of Black History Month are coordinated in cooperation with the Africana Center.
Advisor: Katrina Moore (ext. 7-3372)
See the floor plans | Africana Center website | Africana House Application

Arts Haus - The Arts Haus, also know as Bartol House, is located at 37 Sawyer Avenue. Students interested in an active and artistically diverse environment live together in the Arts Haus. During the year there are numerous events that encompass a wide variety of artistic mediums.
Advisor: Jerome Holland (ext. 7-5247)
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Asian American House - The Asian American House, located at 17 Latin Way (Start House), welcomes students interested in learning about the Asian American experience. Residents of the unit are required to organize activities related to the Asian American experience. Past activities have included an art exhibits, food fairs, informal afternoon gatherings with faculty, and discussions/talks on Asian American issues and topics.
Advisor: Linell Yugawa (ext. 7-3056)
See the floor plans | Asian American Center website

Chinese Language House - The Chinese House is a language based housing unit sponsored by the Chinese Program. It is located at 90-92 Curtis St. The mission of the Chinese House is to provide language learning experience outside of the classroom and to promote and facilitate cross-cultural exchange and understanding within the larger community at Tufts.
Advisor: Min Wan (ext. 7-2373)
See the floor plans | Chinese House Application

Crafts House - The Crafts House, located at 14 Professors Row (Anthony House), is a cooperative living and learning community. The members are dedicated to the operation of the Crafts Center, which provides an opportunity for unit members to conduct workshops and share craft knowledge and techniques. The Crafts House also operates as a food cooperative, where residents share responsibility for the purchase, preparation, and clean–up of meals.
Advisor: Mary Glaser (ext. 7-5045)
See the floor plans | Crafts House website

French Language House - The French House is located at 11 Whitfield Road (Schmalz House), and has space for two French exchange students. Its raison d'ętre is to give Tufts students the opportunity to improve their French language skills and gain more exposure to French and francophone cultures by living with French students and by participating in gatherings that bring together the francophone community of Tufts.
Advisor: Anne Poncet-Montange (ext. 7-2681)
See the floor plans | French House website | Housing Application

German Language House - The German House allows residents to improve and enhance their understanding of the German language and culture. It also acts as a resource center, offering practice sessions to students studying German. Residents also sponsor "Coffee Hours" throughout the year. It is located at 21 Whitfield Road (Wyeth House).
Advisor: Doris Pfaffinger (ext. 7-2621)
See the floor plans | Housing Application

Green House - The Green House is located in the D250's in Latin Way and is intended as a focal point for the environmentally-minded community on the Tufts Campus. By bringing Eco-friendly students, organizations, and faculty together they promote the spread of knowledge and passion for sustainable living. The house provides a living space for environmentally interested students, and a meeting place for the larger Tufts community. Their Advisor: Tina Woolston (ext. 7-5517)
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International House - The philosophy of the unit is to create an environment in which residents can experience an intercultural living arrangement. The International House consists of residents who represent a mix of students from different nationalities and cultures, including representation of Americans. The goal of the unit is to foster intercultural friendships and experiences. The house is currently located at 13 Sawyer Avenue (Davies House).
Advisor: Whitney Sullivan (ext. 7-3458)
See the floor plans | International Center website | Housing Application

Japanese Language House - The Japanese House, located at 12 Dearborn Rd., provides residents an opportunity to develop a greater understanding of the Japanese language and culture. The residents gather biweekly for dinner and weekly for language "chats" and celebrate Japanese holidays and cultural events.
Advisor: Shiori Koizumi (ext. 7-5645)
See the floor plans

Jewish Culture House - The Bayit House provides a setting in which students can live and develop in a Jewish communal atmosphere. Residents sponsor programs aimed at informing the community about Jewish issues and culture. The residents also maintain a kosher kitchen. The unit is located in Hall House.
Advisor: Rabbi Jeff Summit (ext. 7-3242)
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La Casa - La Casa provides a support system to the Latino Community at Tufts. It welcomes students who are interested in the Latino culture and Latino issues. Residents sponsor activities and events to promote a greater understanding and appreciation of Latino culture in conjunction with the Latino Center. La Casa is currently located at 8–10 Whitfield Road (Milne House).
Advisor: Ruben Salinas-Stern (ext. 7-3363)
See the floor plans | Latino Center website

Muslim Culture House - The Muslim House, located at 176 Curtis Street, offers both Muslim and non–Muslim undergraduates the opportunity to live in a friendly, diverse environment. It provides one the opportunity to enhance their cultural experience while creating new friendships and participating in several social events.
Advisor: Celene Ibrahim-Lizzio (ext. 7-2065)
See the floor plans | Muslim Students Association | Housing Application

Rainbow House (LGBT) - The Rainbow House, located in the 160s of Hillside Apartments, provides a queer–friendly atmosphere for students who are interested in issues of gender and sexuality. Residents of Rainbow House create and maintain a living space that is affirming to all sexual and gender identities. The unit brings issues of queer students to the entire Tufts community through educational, social, and community programming. The Rainbow House also serves as a social outlet for queer students and their friends and fosters the sense of community for which Tufts has come to be known.
Advisor: Nino Testa (ext. 7-3770)
See the floor plans | Rainbow House website | Housing Application

Russian Culture House - The Russian Culture House, located at 101 Talbot Avenue, serves as a group living arrangement for students with a demonstrated academic interest in the Russian language and in the cultural history of Russia and its neighbors. By hosting dinners, movies, lectures, and other activities, the House strives to bring an understanding of Russian culture to the wider Tufts campus. House members closely coordinate their activities with both faculty of the Russian Program and the student-run Russian Circle. In addition, the House serves as an informal meeting place for language tutoring.
Advisor: Nancy Iffland-Petrov (ext. 7-4774)
See the floor plans

Spanish Language House - The Spanish House enables residents to develop greater fluency in the language and enhance their understanding of Spanish/Latin American countries, lifestyles, and cultures. Residents hold weekly events, where members of the Tufts community can stop by and enjoy Spanish refreshments and conversation. The unit is located at 125 Powderhouse Boulevard (Chandler House).
Advisor: Marta Rosso-O'Laughlin (ext. 7-5110)
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