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Residence Halls:  Carmichael Hall

Carmichael Hall is a staffed residence hall, with one Resident Proctor and seven Resident Assistants. Carmichael is not a designated Healthy Living hall. Please disregard any information on the floor plans that state otherwise. Carmichael dining hall is located directly below (and inside!) the dorm.

Location - Carmichael Hall is located uphill on the residential quad. Its location places it close to academic buildings as well as the other uphill residences. The green in the center of the quad is a favorite place for Frisbee, ball games, studying and socializing in warm weather. A student parking lot is situated next to the building.

Carmichael Hall - View floor plan

Rooms - The average double room is 12.5' x 16.5'. There are 72 doubles. The average single room is 9.5' x 12.5'. There are 97 singles. The average triple room is 320 square feet with additional closets. There are 5 triples. Each room is furnished with fully moveable furniture which consists of an extra long twin bed, desk, and desk chair for each occupant. The beds are all multi-positioned beds that have eleven height adjustments up to 32 inches with 30 inches of space underneath when raised to maximum height. The use of solid cinder blocks or any other material, to raise the multi-position beds is prohibited in Carmichael. The room also has one or two windows with shades. The floors are linoleum tiled. Carmichael Hall is coed by wing on the first three floors. The fourth and fifth floor are all-female.

Bathrooms - There are 2 single-sex bathrooms per floor (excluding the fifth floor, which has no bathrooms). Each bathroom contains toilet stalls and sinks. In addition, there are two single-sex shower rooms per floor (again, excluding the fifth floor) with four showers each.

Common Areas - A large lounge occupies part of the first floor. It is furnished with tables, chairs, couches, and a television. There is also a separate study room with tables and chairs. Smaller lounges are located on the second and third floors. All lounges and hallways in Carmichael are carpeted.

Facilities - Washing machines and clothes dryers are located in the basement of Carmichael. Several vending machines can be found on the first floor. Carmichael has an indoor bicycle rack.

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