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Major Requirements

Ten courses are required for the major in religion. These courses are to be distributed as follows:

  1. Students must take Religion 99 (Theory and Method in Study of Religion).
  2. Diversity requirement (four courses): Students should have exposure to at least four different religions traditions. This may be accomplished through classes in which four different traditions are taught, or through four courses, each focused on a different religious tradition, or through some combination thereof. Students are to take four classes within the department to achieve the diversity requirement. The adviser and the chair of the Department of Religion must approve the courses taken to fulfill this requirement.
  3. Depth requirement (three courses): Students must choose a subfield in religious studies. This may be one religious tradition, the traditions of a geographical region, or a religious textual tradition. Students must demonstrate that they have taken at least three classes in that specialty. One of the three courses must be in the doctrinal (theological and philosophical) aspects of religion. In their chosen areas of specialization, students must take two above-100 level courses. These may include an independent study, or a senior thesis. The departmental adviser and the chair must approve the student's area of specialization. No course may count for both the diversity and depth requirements.
  4. In addition to the above eight courses, two additional courses listed or cross-listed in religion, regardless of subject area, are required.