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Full-Time Faculty

Main Office

Brian Hatcher
Department Chair
Office: 617.627.3418

Lynn Wiles
Department Administrator
Office: 617.627.3563

Jamie Gorman
Staff Assistant
Office: 617.627.6528

Heather Curtis, Associate Professor; History of Christianity, American Religions

Jennifer Eyl, Assistant Professor; Early Christianity, Ancient Mediterranean religions, gender & sexuality in antiquity, theory of religion

Ken Garden, Associate Professor; Islamic Revival and Renewal, Sufism, the life and thought of Abu Hamid al-Ghazali

Brian Hatcher, Chair, Professor, Packard Chair of Theology; Hinduism and Religion in modern South Asia

Elana Jefferson-Tatum, Assistant Professor; African and African Diaspora Religions; Race, Religion, and Colonialism; Theories and Methods in the Study of Religion

Joseph Walser, Associate Professor; Mahāyāna Buddhism; Hinduism; Jainism; Religion in early South Asia; Chinese Religions; Anthropology of Religion; Philosophy of Religion; Sociology of Religious Philosophy

Part-Time Faculty

Peggy Hutaff, Senior Lecturer; Christian Studies

Elizabeth Lemons, Senior Lecturer; Religion and Culture