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Undergraduate Program

Senior Honors Theses

Spring 2013

Name Thesis Title Chairperson
William Carroll The Effects of Associative Priming on Retroactive Interference Ayanna Thomas
Michael Chu Attentional Bias and Threat in Response to Skin Tone Variation Heather Urry
Brendan Dillon Bilingual and Monolingual Infants' Recognition of Words Spoken in Foreign Accents Emily Bushnell
Alexandra Geada Effects of Neonatal Testosterone on Intermittent Access Ethanol Consumption in Female C57BL/6J Mice Klaus Miczek
Mervett Hefyan Cognitive Demands Associated with the Use of Cognitive Reappraisal to Regulate Positive and Negative Emotion Heather Urry
Margarita Krylova Action Familiarity and the Abstract Representations of Object-Directed Actions in the Human Brain: Demonstrated with Magnetoancephalography Holly Taylor
Melissa Langer Auditory object formation in pigeons and humans Robert Cook
Katelin Maguire Heuristic Processes During Route Planning: Race and the Southern Route Bias Keith Maddox
Will Myers Effects of Fundamentals and Subharmonic Pitches on Consonance Perception of Complex Chords Ani Patel
Michael Richard Video Games Modulate Visuo-Spatial Problem Solving Ability Ayanna Thomas
Samantha Stone Prejudices of the Selection Process: The Interaction of Attractiveness, Phenotype, and Qualifications in Women Keith Maddox
Jillian Tayeh The Role of the NMDA Receptor in Mediating Aggression During Withdrawal from Ethanol in Outbred Male Mice Klaus Miczek and Joe DeBold
Tiffany Tu Cognitive and Hippocampal Abnormalities in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Lisa Shin

Fall 2011

Name Thesis Title Chairperson
Kaiya S. N. Bercow Mental and physical distraction's relationship with judgment heuristics: Cognitive taxation's connection to stereotyping Maddox
Wonja M. Fairbrother About time we make sense: Distinct neural processes engaged during temporal sequencing and coherence building in discourse Kuperberg
Michael W. Fitzgerald Selective interference effects on working memory during navigation Taylor
Izzy B. Gainsburg The effects of stereotypes and audience-pressure on athletic performance: Threat, lift, and choking under pressure Ambady
Hannah B. Gogel Measuring scalar implicature: Developing a paradigm Holcomb
Michael P. Hall Effect of multiple social identities: Race and gender in an interracial context Sommers
Tala M. Kayyali Effects of CRF-R1 and opioid antagonism on alcohol intake in C57BL/6J mice Miczek
Sally A. Levinson Sex differences in intermittent ethanol consumption in C57BL/6J mice Miczek
Sabrina R. Liu Psychological outcomes for participants in groups for survivors of intimate partner violence Shin
Thomas C. Mann Equity on autopilot: Skin tone and implicit operation of egalitarian goals Maddox
Ryan D. Oliveira An examination on stimulus repetition in complex sounds in a same/different discrimination by pigeons Cook
John J. Salvatore Hair cortisol and salivary cortisol reactivity in adolescents Kanarek
Marcos Sastre III The impact of televised formal features on attention and comprehension of infant learning paradigms Bushnell
Stephanie S. Sloley GABAA alpha-5 subunit manipulation of maternal separation-induced anxiety in mice Miczek
Lindsay K. Staples Do morphological differences in brain structures in PTSD arise from a familial predisposition or from the disorder itself? Shin
Yael S. Stern An electrophysiological study of the cognitive benefits of bilingualism Holcomb
Bianca C. Velayo The effects of social awareness on infant synchronous imitation Bushnell
Eliza K. Walters Mental stimulation of implied tactile properties Taylor
Lindsay A. Weiner The role of the CRF2 receptor in cocaine self-administration after intermittent social stress Miczek
Jennifer Yih Predicting choice: Distraction and reappraisal as strategies for emotion regulation Urry

Spring 2010

Name Thesis Title Chairperson
Brittany N. Bahamon The Role of Glutamate Via the NMDA Receptor in Aggressive Behavior After Ethanol Consumption in Mice Miczek
Michael S. Birnkrant Effects of Race, Education Level, and Skintone on Perceived Leadership Ability Maddox
Sophia R. Cedola Effects of Video Game Training on Spatial Transformation Processes Involved in Mental Rotation and Object Categorization Schendan
Andrea T. Henry Aggressive Behavior and Positive Allosteric Modulation of the GABA-B Receptor in Mice Miczek
Nicole J. LeBlanc Correlates of Quality Life and Functional Disability in Body Dysmorphic Disorder Shin
Kiran J. Lokhande Affective State and the Encoding and Retrieval of Spatial Information From Campus Maps Taylor
Peter R. Millar Risky Decision-Making in Older Adults Thomas
Rebecca I. Mohr Intergroup Interactions with Dual Identity Outgroup Individuals Sommers
Emily L. Newman Metabotrophic Glutamate Receptors and Mouse Aggression Miczek
Adam Z. Nitenson The Effect of Emotion on Memory: Faces and Names Shin
Christopher M. Perrone A Multimodal Analysis of the Time-Course and Neuroanatomy of Real-World Comprehension and its Implications for Schizophrenia Holcomb
Muhammad Qadri Avian Visual Cognition: Shape from Shading in Starlings Cook
Joseph F. Rodini "Infants" Understanding of the Goal-Directed Nature of Walking Bushnell
Alexandra M. Rodman Examining the External Misattribution Bias in Schizophrenia Kuperberg
Katherine S. Rosen Perceptions across the Menstrual Cycle: Attentiveness to Sexual Orientation Ambady
Laura N. Soskey Longitudinal Language Effects with Spanish Holcomb
Hilary M. Weingarden The Relationship between Perceived Social Support and Body Dysmorphic Symptom Severity: The Role of Gender Shin

Spring 2009

Name Thesis Title Chairperson
Brethel, Kristin The Undoing Effect of Positive Emotion Urry
Hayes, Jacqueline The Effects of Healthy and Unhealthy Food on Female State Body Image and Mood State Kanarek
Hwa, Lara DRN as a Potential Site for Reduction of Alcohol-Heightened Aggression in Mice Via MTIP, a Novel CRF-R1 Antagonist Miczek
Kanze, Jarren Learning How to Talk About Race: Cross-Cultural Comparisons in Race-Related Social Norms Ambady
Khan, Nayema The Use of Shape from Shading by the European Starling (Sturnus Vulgaris) Cook
Kwa, Carolyn Role of GABAA and GABAB Receptors in the Dorsal Raphe Nucleus on Alcohol Heightened Aggression Miczek
Litcofsky, Kaitlyn Using Event-Related Potentials to Explore Sentential Code-Switching in English-French Bilinguals Holcomb
Mula, Kaitlyn Caffeine Withdrawal and Cold Pressor Test Performance Kanarek
Noren, Parker The Influence of Pragmatic Cues on the Integration of New Information in Discourse: An ERP Investigation Holcomb
Pfaff, Danielle The Effect of Facial Expression on Memory for an Associated Name Shin
Porter, James An ERP Investigation of Morphological Processing and Lexical Status in Masked Priming Holcomb
Wong, Daniel Modal Specific Context Varies Discourse Self-Relevance and Narrative Simulations Taylor

Spring 2008

Name Thesis Title Chairperson
Bolourchi, Meena The Time Course of Visual Object Categorization from Unusual and Canonical Views: Evidence from Event-Related Potentials TBA
Clarke, Asha The role of nonverbal inconsistency in popularity Ambady
Fitzgerald, Hailey M. Thin Slices of Nonverbal Behavior as Predictors of Racial Attitudes Ambady
Gorlin, Eugenia The Neural Basis of Co-reference in Schizophrenia Kuperberg
Greenwald, Daniel Haptic Perception in Minimally Invasive Surgical Tasks: An Investigation of Tumor Detection Bushnell
Hochstadt, Jessica Breakfast Composition and Cognitive Functioning: An Examination of Egg Protein Kanarek
Kalil, Sarah E. Human Oral Capsaicin Application and Cold Pressor Test Performance. Kanarek
Keefe, John P. Separating Explicit and Implicit Memory Components for Words of High and Low Emotionality Chechile
Lipton, Marissa Masked repetition priming in schizophrenia Kuperberg
Papp, Laura G. Regulatory Focus in Interracial versus Same-Race Interactions Sommers
Paunov, Alexander The effects of achievement motivation on responses to stressful performance situations Chechile
Rauch, Lindsay Neural correlates of manipulated visual attention during the voluntary reappraisal of picture-induced negative affect Urry
Riche, Stephen 5HT1a and 5HT1b antagonism's effect on long term citalopram maintenance in mice: selective reduction of alcohol-heightened aggression Miczek
Singh, Jay P. """An In-Group Advantage for Age in Emotion Recognition""" Ambady
Swartz, Johnna Before and after: The effects of temporal shifts and word choice on the comprehension of narratives Taylor
Terry, Douglas Brain Responses during Regulation of Threat-Evoked Anxiety. Urry
Zhang, Mengmeng Phenotypicality Bias toward Asian Americans Maddox